Monday, June 05, 2023

Business Spotlight

Eli Mandel Shares His Four-Month Plan to Financial Stability

Eli Mandel was once a kollel student who thought piling on credit card debt was the simple way to make whatever purchase he wanted. He learned the hard way that trouble ensues when you can’t pay the bill. He taught himself a better way to manage money. Now he’s coaching others with a four-month guided self-help path to


Transform Your Workout at Retro Fitness of Hackensack

Retro Fitness of Hackensack, a leading exercise facility in Bergen County, offers state-of-the-art equipment, a huge training space and specialty studios. Located in the heart of Hackensack just minutes from Route 4, Retro keeps adding to its already expansive list of services and amenities. With its 4,000-plus


 5 Ways to Increase Safety in Your Business

As they say, safety first is safety always. Taking preventative measures to ensure your employees are safe on the job will not only increase productivityand workplace satisfaction,


On The Table Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

Having established itself as the one-stop shop to find exactly the right gift for a chatan and kallah, milestone anniversary, housewarming and a “little something” for a Shabbat hostess, Rachel Kupfer, owner of On The Table, has exceeded herself in relocating to a new venue that is three times the


 3 Smart Alternatives to Hiring an Accountant for Your Company

According to a survey conducted by AccountingToday, 47% of small business owners said that bookkeeping was among the top services they’d hire out to help their business grow. But not everyone


Unique Elegant Seating Highlights Excellence and Quality

(Courtesy of Unique Elegant Seating) In 1978, Unique Elegant Seating opened its doors and offered its first collection of chairs. Over the years, we have grown this collection to include many of the beautiful and unique chairs that have become staples in the exclusive repertoire of furniture selected by prominent


From Hobby to Business, ‘Sara’s Gifts’ Is Growing

Did you hear the news? Sara’s Gifts, the delectable, artistically designed baskets full of specialty kosher goodies, is now offering free hand delivery in northern New Jersey and New York City.

What have satisfied customers and gift recipients been saying about Sara’s Gifts? The Jewish Link


Englewood Krav Maga Opens New Studio

Englewood Krav Maga has a new home and is inviting everybody to check it out. Beginning in September, the new studio, located at 26 East Forest Avenue, will offer traditional Krav Maga classes as well as a variety of other classes designed specifically for women and children.

Traci Edwards and


Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Opens in Tenafly

Balloons, Netflix, lollipops, manicures, big-screen TVs, haircuts. Put them all together and what have you got? An innovative, fun-filled hair salon for kids where fun rules! Ariel and Adam Behrman of Tenafly are proud to announce that they have opened Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids of Tenafly. “We’re


Employee Retention

Employers are having a tough time hanging on to quality workers. Aside from the costs of rehiring, your business’s bottom line is taking a hit due to the lower level of service your new employees can provide.

This is especially true in healthcare industry where quality of care plays an


Easing Off Accelerated Debt Reduction

On first hearing, this statement sounds true:

“When you make extra payments on a credit card balance with 16 percent interest, it’s like earning

16 percent.”

This simple analogy encourages consumers to pay off


The Ethical Fundraiser

In his book “Lessons in Leadership,” Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, touches on chillul Hashem and kiddush Hashem – desecrating and sanctifying God’s name.

Rabbi Sacks states, “When we behave in such a way to evoke admiration for Judaism as a faith and a way of life, that is a kiddush

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