Monday, May 25, 2020

Business Spotlight

Blends by Orly Take Gluten Free Baking to New Heights

Josh Borenstein was a foodie with celiac disease, starting a new job in Paris, unable to touch a bite of all that gorgeous French pastry. Then his wife, Orly Gottesman of Englewood, came to the rescue. She learned how to marry French baking techniques to gluten-free ingredients, first as an apprentice in a Parisian pastry shop and later as a student in the


Eldan’s Expressway

Because customers arrive at the service counters of car rental agencies at Ben Gurion Airport after long and tiring journeys (long flight, new time zone, baggage collection), Eldan, the car rental agency, has launched a new time-saving service–Eldan Expressway–which allows people to deplane, collect their baggage and go directly to their rental


Think Positive! Giving “Hope” A Better Name

“Positive thinking and changing one’s perspective have deep sources within Torah,” says Chaya Hinda Allen, program developer of Think Positive!

Designed for women as a life-changing inspirational and empowering series on how to face the pressures, challenges, and negative emotions in their everyday life, Think Positive! blends Torah sources with true


The TBD Account: Many Applications (Part 2)

Characteristics of an ideal TBD account

A financial professional who understands the philosophy of To-Be-Determined accumulation may use a variety of financial instruments to achieve the objective. But whatever the specifics, here are some features that should figure prominently in a TBD program. It…

Offers tax-favored withdrawals or


Exciting New Directions at Bumbleberry

Teaneck–Chaim Kiss, a new part-owner of Bumbleberry, has some exciting plans for the future.Kiss bought a share of Bumbleberry last May. He decided to buy in because of its longevity and success, and because he thinks Bumbleberry is an amazing product.

Bumbleberry, located at 1445 Queen Anne Road in Teaneck in the middle of the Teaneck’s kosher


Start-up Life, Part III

We’ve covered the basics and building a start-up’s core team. An important are that many entrepreneurs overlook is advisors. More often than not, to do so is to court disaster avec bras ouverts.


Entrepreneurs have different approaches to domain expertise. For example, when we have an electrical issue in the house, I call an


Former Apple Exec Steers Israeli Startups

When former Apple executive Eric Sirkin sailed from Silicon Valley to Silicon Wadi figuratively speaking, though he does have a skipper’s license–he harbored a dream of building a multinational company in Israel. Four years later that dream has yet to be realized, but Sirkin has made smaller waves in Israeli business waters


How to Recover From a Google Penalty

President of Search Interactions, LLC

If your website’s organic traffic recently dropped, chances are you might have been penalized by Google. This may have been caused by unnatural links pointing to your website. How to clean up your inbound link profile is what this article will address.

If you have Google


The TBD Account–Many Applications (Part 1)

Many professional sports teams in the United States conclude their seasons with a playoff to decide a champion. With the exception of football, these playoffs typically consist of a best-of-seven series in which the first team to win four games either moves on or is declared the champion. Because a series can be as short as four games


Carly’z Craze Opens in New Location on Cedar Lane

Teaneck—Back to school shopping is in full swing. The hum of the pencil sharpeners can be heard as parents fill their carts with marble composition books, pens, and three ring binders. But in addition to finding the best price on filler paper and trying to figure out what exactly will be done with the 15 folders requested, parents must find a


Star Struck, and Proud of It in Hydrochic!

We have all done it. You know what I’m talking about. Yes, even level-headed women become …star struck. We find celebrities out there whom we admire and follow them on social media, see what they have to say, and watch all the TV shows and movies they have ever been in.

What is not nearly as common is for a celebrity to become


KOF-K Kosher: How A Local Family Business Became a Kashrus Leader

Teaneck—“If I won’t eat it, if we won’t serve it to our family, then we don’t certify it,” said Chana Senter, the “first lady” of KOF-K Kosher.  This is the guiding principle behind the KOF-K certification agency, based right here in Teaneck.

“We certify that something is done with ‘erlichkeit;’ our hechsher is