Thursday, October 01, 2020

Business Spotlight

Acheinu Kiruv Conference in Israel: How to Cultivate Mesikus HaTorah

Mesikus HaTorah! How does one taste the sweetness of Torah learning? How can parents and educators inculcate children and teens with true enjoyment from learning Torah? How can we transmit the ideal that preforming mitzvos is pleasurable, fills one’s life with meaning and joy?

That is the planned theme of Acheinu’s annual Kiruv Conference


Dr. Mor Zilberstein Opens Family Medicine Practice in Englewood

Dr. Lara Mor Zilberstein has opened North Bergen Family Medicine, LLC, a new family medicine practice, 15 Engle Street, Suite 305, Englewood, NJ 07631. The doctor, who is affiliated with Englewood Hospital Medical Center, will focus on preventive medicine, care of chronic diseases, and patient education.

“With today’s medical progress, many


Tips for Hiring Foreign Workers – The H-1B Visa: Specialty Occupations

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets forth an alphabetical delineation of temporary visas that can be pursued in order for non-citizens to work and/or remain in the United States. Each type of visa in this wide range of temporary (non-immigrant) visa categories serves a different purpose. Some afford the beneficiary the opportunity to remain in the United


New Company Debuts Multi-Character Customizable Children’s Books

Flights are expensive and schedules tight, so parents with relatives who don’t live nearby often have a hard time forging a connection between their children and the rest of their family. Now Starring Us, a new company launched just a few days ago, can help them cement connections.

Books that can be personalized have been in the market for years, but


Disability Protection: “I have coverage… sort of...I guess?”

Q: In the event of disability, do you have insurance

to cover the loss of income?

A: Maybe. Possibly. At least in some circumstances…or maybe not.

Q: Is your disability insurance coverage good enough?

A: Maybe. Possibly. At least in some circumstances…or maybe


Teaneck is Home to New Jersey’s First iPad Art Studio

Teaneck—People learn how to draw here, but there aren’t any pencils. They learn a variety of brush strokes, but there’s no scent of oil paint or turpentine. Instead, Noel Gussen is teaching art to students aged 8 to 80 in the very space where he also curates exhibitions, right here in his semi-eponymous gallery, the Grassy Noel, on 396 Cedar


Teaneck Gets a Purim Costume Pop Up Shop

Teaneck—Anyone driving down Cedar Lane in the past few weeks has had to do a double take. The former Blockbuster location, which has been empty for quite some time, has been filled with a huge Purim costume store. It appears that Teaneck has officially joined the ranks of Passaic, Brooklyn and Monsey, where a pop-up business can succeed in catering specifically to


Glatt Express Expresses Its Creative Side

As part of Glatt Express’ fourth anniversary under the ownership of the Secemski family, Glatt Express is updating their communications system and creating a social media strategy that emphasizes creative expression through food.

Establishing a new slogan, “Express Yourself!”, Glatt Express wants to contribute to the culinary creativity of their


Nourishama: Nourish Your Body and Soul

Many of us know those people who write inspiring tag lines at the end of their email pages. They leave you with some inspirational wisdom to ponder as you go about your day. Neshama Kutin is a conveyor of those messages, but not just on her email pages. Her positive messages permeate her work as an Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach and founder of Nourishama.


Direct Line Carpets II Opens on Cedar Lane

Teaneck—Direct Line Carpets II, a new family-owned carpet and flooring store, formally opened on Cedar Lane near the intersection of Palisade and Cedar, early last week. The store is the second branch of a 27-year-old family-owned business and is being run by Nathan Rosenberg, the son of founder Abraham Rosenberg.

Nathan, a Teaneck resident, studied at the


The On-line Gaming Worker: Computer Whiz or Professional Athlete?

Reprinted with permission from The Jewish Press

The online gaming industry, already extremely popular throughout the world, has finally received the United States government seal of approval: New Jersey is the first state to change its laws to legalize online gaming, allowing for a relaxation and diversification of its current gambling


Why Write About Donna’s VIP Nails?

After my last article about the “West Englewood Diet,” I received emails and feedback from readers who really appreciated my mentioning of Donna’s VIP Nails in the story. Comments I got ran the gamut from “Best nail salon in Bergen County” to “They are the nicest people and I am glad that they are getting the recognition they deserve” and “My