Friday, February 03, 2023

Business Spotlight

Tax Tips: Gambling and Taxes

Gambling is a very strange thing. The thrill of winning is so enticing that your brain stops functioning in a rational manner. Have you ever played a scratch-off lottery ticket just to end up winning another scratch-off lottery ticket? From a logical standpoint, this should be pretty disappointing. I mean, it’s essentially a


Extending the Benefits of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

With the new school year approaching, and our concerns regarding financing our children’s education, I will devote the next two articles to educational savings accounts (ESAs)—529 plans and the Coverdell Education Savings Account. Today’s discussion will focus on the latter. This is a tax-advantaged savings account that is established


What Bitcoin and Blockchain Are, and Why They Will Change Everything

Imagine 20 years ago someone asking, “What will the internet change?” Today we know the answer—“everything.” The better question would have been “What will the internet not change?” The widespread impact of the internet and its disruption of just about every industry was unprecedented. The technology that


The Great Divide: Millennials vs. Baby Boomers Fundraising

Fundraising has a long and storied history going back at least to the time when the Jews traveled in the desert and Moses collected funds to pay for the building and the upkeep of the (Mishkan) Tabernacle. Every Israelite over the age of 20 was commanded to donate one half shekel to the Mishkan project. That capital campaign was a


The Lindenberger Group HR Consulting: We Can Help Bring Your Company Vision to Life

(Courtesy of The Lindenberger Group)The people in your organization drive success. That’s why effective human resources management pays huge rewards. From recruiting new employees to terminating employees to handling performance issues, we can help. The correct human resources systems will develop your people and


The Return of Alt-Mortgages

(Submitted by Elozor Preil)Interest costs are a drain on any financial plan, so it’s understandable that consumers would seek to minimize them. For many, this means finding the lowest interest rate and/or the shortest loan term. But there are other options, especially for home mortgages. And in specific circumstances,


Nouveau Furniture Restoration Brings the Beauty Back

Vision and craftsmanship can restore a past-its-prime piece of furniture to its former beauty. Mark Irwin, a specialist in the restoration of fine furniture, antiques and architectural detailing, is a master of both. Irwin learned to repair and refinish furniture as a young man working in antique stores. He


TurtleBoo: A Perfect Play Space for Children

I had no doubt that taking some of our grandchildren to the new TurtleBoo emporium in Spring Valley would afford us the opportunity to experience its entertainment and hopefully appreciate all it has to offer families. I was not wrong. From the moment we entered, our grandchildren could not—would not—stay still, as


Nexgen Credit: ‘Solutions’ for All Credit Needs

(Courtesy of Nexgen Credit Solutions)For those having difficulty with credit, Nexgen Credit Solution has the answers. Meet a few of our satisfied clients and see how we helped them, and how we can help you.

Meet Joel:

Joel is a young,


As HR Becomes More Strategic, So Does Need for Outsourcing

Human resources has long been relegated to back-office status, perceived by many executives as a basic operational function focused on paperwork and personnel matters not worthy of much C-suite attention.

Today, those attitudes are shifting as HR takes a seat at the decision-making


How Long Should I Keep Those Tax Documents?

It’s happened to all of us at one point in our lives. We get hooked on a really bad TV show. We sit there glued to the screen. Our brains are pleading with us to turn off this god-awful show, but our hearts will have none of this logic. We’ve all had our drug of choice, whether you choose to admit it or not. Maybe you dabbled


GettingSafer: One-Stop Shopping for Digital and Personal Protection

We all love one-stop shopping; finding everything we need without having to tirelessly comb through multiple locations is something that everyone can appreciate. This exists for food, clothes and other supplies, and now, thanks to GettingSafer, an innovative website created by Teaneck resident Richard Watson, we have it

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