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Five Tips for Your Better Financial Future

If you are like many Americans, the current economic environment continues to make it difficult for your family to make ends meet. Many of us have readjusted our spending habits to such an extent that there is now a new normal. For example, we may no longer shop as much as or where they used to; we may settle for a


20 Money Moves to Make Before the End of 2016

Part II

During each of the last four Jewish Link of New Jersey issues in 2016, I will be sharing five “money moves” to consider before the end of the year. This being the second part of this series, in this article I will share money moves six through 10.


20 Money Moves to Make Before the End of 2016

In each of the last four Jewish Link of New Jersey issues in 2016, I will be sharing five Money Moves to consider before the end of the year.

  1. Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

If you are considering an


Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning for Financial Security

When thinking about how to protect your livelihood or build the financial resources you will need to live life as desired, it often starts with clarifying what you want to achieve, what you value and how uncertainties can affect plans and aspirations.

To get you on the road to financial


We’ve Learned a Lot From Business Owner Clients

Bienenfeld, CLU, ChFC, Partner at Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr, LLC; courtesy of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual)

We work with business owners of all shapes and sizes, from all industries, in all stages of business, from start-up to growth to transfer. What


Valuing Your Company: Knowing Your Worth Makes It Easier to Plan Ahead

You’ve built a successful family business, accumulated a nice retirement nest egg and put together a comprehensive estate plan. But if you don’t have a workable succession plan, there’s likely to be a big hole in your planning.

“A lot of people confuse succession planning with


Inheritance Equalization Strategies for Business Owners

A unique challenge and/or opportunity for small business owners is what happens when one or more of their children are brought into the business. The combination of family dynamics and day-to-day business can be explosive, both positively and negatively, and long lasting.

One of the


The Gas Tax Increase Isn’t All Bad, Right?

New Jersey. The Garden State. The land of extremely high taxes, corrupt politicians and (often) broken roads. But at least we have the second cheapest gas in the coun—wait, what?

Did your gas bill just go up?

On October 23, 2016, Chris Christie


Planning Your Exit: Thinking Long-Term Keeps Your Business on Track

You’ve navigated a competitive market, steered your company to profitability, and put it on track for healthy growth and expansion. It’s now time to start thinking about an exit strategy.

Sound premature? It’s not. Proper planning can help ensure both a successful business


Getting Started: Structuring Your Business for Long-Term Success

You’ve hung up your shingle and brought in your first client. Whether your business is landscape design, catering or computer consulting, you’ve now become a sole proprietor. It’s a very simple proposition that requires no extra paperwork and carries no upfront expenses. But it comes with some significant drawbacks


The Invictus Illusion

The shift from employer-funded pensions to personally managed retirement accounts like 401(k)s promised opportunities for individuals to produce returns greater than those guaranteed by a company-managed pension fund. It perhaps neglected to consider the lifelong management responsibilities that come with personal control—not


Live for Today and Plan for Tomorrow

There’s an old joke about a client meeting with his banker to review his finances.  “Mr. Smith, I’m afraid your account is overdrawn”, the banker says.  “That’s impossible!” the man states.  “I still have checks left!”

Unfortunately, for too many people, “spend until

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