Thursday, May 28, 2020

Business Spotlight

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Opens in Tenafly

Balloons, Netflix, lollipops, manicures, big-screen TVs, haircuts. Put them all together and what have you got? An innovative, fun-filled hair salon for kids where fun rules! Ariel and Adam Behrman of Tenafly are proud to announce that they have opened Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids of Tenafly. “We’re


Employee Retention

Employers are having a tough time hanging on to quality workers. Aside from the costs of rehiring, your business’s bottom line is taking a hit due to the lower level of service your new employees can provide.

This is especially true in healthcare industry where quality of care plays an


Easing Off Accelerated Debt Reduction

On first hearing, this statement sounds true:

“When you make extra payments on a credit card balance with 16 percent interest, it’s like earning

16 percent.”

This simple analogy encourages consumers to pay off


The Ethical Fundraiser

In his book “Lessons in Leadership,” Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, touches on chillul Hashem and kiddush Hashem – desecrating and sanctifying God’s name.

Rabbi Sacks states, “When we behave in such a way to evoke admiration for Judaism as a faith and a way of life, that is a kiddush


NJJBA Recognizes Cong. Josh Gottheimer At Fifth Annual Networking Event

(Courtesy of NJJBA) The North Jersey Jewish Business Alliance (NJJBA), hosted its fifth annual legislative and business luncheon at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark. After a bustling networking session, the program commenced with an introduction by Ezra Friedlander, master of ceremonies, as well as


Unique Elegant Seating Highlights Excellence and Quality

(Courtesy of Unique Elegant Seating) In 1978, Unique Elegant Seating opened its doors and offered its first collection of chairs. Over the years, we have grown this collection to include many of the beautiful and unique chairs that have become staples in the exclusive repertoire of furniture selected by prominent


VirtualHEP: The Future of Physical Therapy

How often have you or a loved one needed to go for physical therapy due to an injury and felt like you were competing for your therapist’s attention because he or she was juggling multiple patients at one time? Have you ever wondered once you got home if you were doing your exercises the way the therapist showed you? Do you


TJE Provides Resources To Fledgling Businesses

The Rambam states that there is no greater act of charity then to help another in business. The Jewish Entrepreneur (TJE) is a nonprofit that connects Jewish business owners of all affiliations with mentors to guide them toward success. It was founded four years ago in Baltimore and quickly spread all over the country and world.


Queens Jewish Link to Hold Massive Networking Event Next Week

To build a successful business, it is crucial to develop a network of relevant connections. On Wednesday night, August 7, Queens Jewish Link will help business people expand their vital business networks at its annual networking event.

Why is this networking event different from all its other networking


Elie Tanous Celebrates 30th Birthday As Owner of Cutting-Edge Hair Salon

When walking into Elie Tanous Salon, I was immediately hit with cool vibes. I was offered a refreshment and led to a waiting area containing a white couch, stacked magazines and fluorescent blue lighting on the walls. A fresh smell from the main area wafted into the room as hip music blared through the speakers


Struggling With Debt? You Are Not Alone and You Do Have Options

Debt. It is one of the few things that we all have, but none of us really want. In our fast-paced and materialistic society, where credit is so easily obtainable and everyday goods and services continue to become more expensive, debt has almost by necessity become part of the fabric of our lives. Whether our debt is attributable to


Is Amex Membership Rewards Points Dominance Over?

Beginning September 2019, it may be time to start looking at new points programs. Here’s why.

(Courtesy of PEYD) Historically, the high value of Amex Membership Rewards points (MR) was based on their ability to be transferable into a variety of frequent flyer programs and MR points could be