Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Business Spotlight

OJCC Amazon Bootcamp to Be Held in January, With Zoom Option

(Courtesy of OJCC) Learn how to start your own Amazon business. Get certification to be hired in the Amazon field. Back by popular demand, the January 2021 Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Amazon Bootcamp will be held again in Lakewood on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 12 and 13, with an option to join by Zoom from 10:30 a.m. to


Masa Israel Journey Launches Online Marketplace for Top Internships in Israel

(Courtesy of Masa Israel Journey) Masa Israel Journey, founded by the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel, announced the launch of an internship marketplace as part of its newly designed website. Demand for Masa career programs has increased 30% during the coronavirus crisis in comparison to the previous year. Newly optimized tools


The Corona Virus Is a Recession Like No Other. Will We Have a Recovery Like No Other?

Part 1

No one on Wall Street predicted a pandemic. But Bill Gates did. At a TED talk in 2015, Gates told attendees that while Ebola was contained, “next time we may not be so lucky.” He said, “NATO plays war games to check that people are well trained and prepared. Now we need germ


Marla Rottensteich Introduces FrumFit

Marla Rottensteich, founder of Mekor Fitness LLC, a studio for women in Edison, has re-imagined her place in the world of fitness. Like so many companies, Marla was forced to close due to the pandemic, leaving her searching for new opportunities to rebrand her business.

Despite the


Edom and Yisrael

Edom and Yisrael
Parshat Vayishlach

The haftarah that we read this week is the complete Book of Ovadya, the shortest sefer in all of Tanach. Its purpose is a very simple and direct one: to condemn the nation of Edom, a neighbor of ancient Israel, whose wickedness had angered Hashem so that He


Brand, Rebrand and Grow Your Business With Dimond Advertising

During these changing times businesses and organizations have been forced to rethink their place in the market, many turning to advertising agencies to help them pivot. Andrew Dimond understands these challenges and knows what it takes to facilitate change. After many years working at Manhattan advertising agencies, he has


VSocial Meets Virtual Live Event Needs

As the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live, live event spaces quickly pivoted to virtual models. Joe Savetsky, who has decades of live-event experience, adapted readily to the virtual world. After 10 years of working on the production side of galas, expos and other in-person events with Triple S Studios, Savetsky launched VSocial,


The Art of Storytelling

There’s an old saying: “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” One thing for sure: If you are a fundraiser and you can tell a good story you will likely thrive.

I once described two types of philanthropists. The first wants to hear heart-rending stories and how their uplifting


Coleman’s Contrarian Career Tips

Avraham Avinu was also known as Avraham Ha-Ivri—the contrarian. He was willing to go against what everyone else at the time was doing. If you are job seeking, I strongly recommend taking a leaf from our forebear and at times sacrificing what’s easy and convenient to reach your dream destination.



Investination, a New Equity Crowdfunding Platform, Is Now Open to US-Accredited Investors

(Courtesy of InvestiNation) InvestiNation, an equity crowdfunding platform that provides access to some of Israel’s most promising startups, is now open to U.S. accredited investors, company executives announced.

The online platform offers proprietary investment opportunities with Israeli


Can Companies Require Employees to Take Vaccines?

Flu season is here, the pandemic rages on, and thankfully, a COVID-19 vaccine is seemingly in the foreseeable future. Many employers are considering mandating that their employees get vaccinated (most commonly for the flu or for COVID-19 if/when a vaccine becomes available). Aside from certain industries (like healthcare in some states)


The Attitude of Gratitude

In today’s times, networking is one of the most crucial aspects in making connections, introductions and learning of potential opportunities in new business settings. A conversation at a family gathering, a chance meeting with someone at a park or connecting with someone on social media can provide a lead that would have

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