Thursday, January 20, 2022

Business Spotlight

Proof of Funds in a Mortgage Transaction

Many people think the word mortgageis synonymous with a loan. In truth, the word mortgageis a term that’s synonymous with lien, only specifically used in reference to real estate transactions. A mortgage provides protection for the lender in case of default by the borrower. When you close on a mortgage loan, the deed technically belongs


Kedem Unveils New “Fresh” Juice

Bayonne—For over 50 years, Kedem grape juice has been an iconic symbol. Continuing its long- standing tradition of quality, Kedem is proud to introduce its newest addition to its grape juice family, Kedem Fresh Grape Juice.

Kedem Fresh Grape Juice is all natural, and does not contain any added concentrate, sugar, sulfites, artificial colors or flavors. “We


CKCA Hosting Kosher Made Easy Seminar

New York—The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts (CKCA), in partnership with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, is launching 2014’s “Brooklyn Eats” seminar series with a panel discussion entitled “Kosher Made Easy” geared for food and beverage manufacturers. The seminar—the first of its kind in Brooklyn—will take attendees through a basic primer on what


Englewood Couple Leading Effort to Harness Wave Energy

Bergen County—Stanley Rutta is a Federal Aviation Administration-qualified engineer who has worked in the computer field for some of the world’s largest corporations. However, what makes him unique is his pioneering work in developing a new way to produce electricity using ocean waves.

After initial work, Rutta was awarded a patent for the ocean


“Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday”

It is so hard to find a good, honest mechanic. While most of us know nothing about car repair, we all have our personal intuition and usually pick our car mechanic based on how much our car repair should cost, how long it should take, and how the service was.

Years ago, before I started using Eli’s Auto, I felt that my mechanic would fix one thing and break


What is the True Cost of a “Really Bad Financial Decision?”

A press release for a report from the Consumer Federation of America announced that 67% of middle class Americans acknowledged making a “really bad financial decision,” one that resulted in an average loss of $23,000. “Middle class” was defined as households with an annual income between $30,000 and $100,000. By comparison, 61% of upper income


Best Glatt Delivers Quality, Service and Advice

Teaneck—Ten years ago, Anat and Meir Best walked down Teaneck’s Cedar Lane and saw more than stores, people and traffic: they saw an opportunity. “It was 2004, and Meir was between jobs,” Anat told JLBC.“I realized there was a need for a place that would specialize in high quality fresh meat and give customers personal service. And I


Value of Life Insurance as Property

A true story, which occurred more than a century ago:

John C. Burchard was the owner of a life insurance policy on himself. Burchard had made two premium payments on the policy, but was under financial duress and currently late on the third payment. Burchard also needed a surgical operation, but had no money for the procedure.

In an effort to solve both


Student Loans – Reduce Monthly payments and Discharge Debts

In a recent JLBC article we discussed the benefits of the Income Based Repayment(IBR) and Pay as you Earn (PAYE) programs, which help you reduce monthly student loan payments to as little as zero per month. We hope you are now enjoying the hundreds of dollars per month that you were able to save through the program. However, as we did note previously, these payments


The Story of Evergreen Insurance & Risk Management

Rockland County, NY – Izzy Green grew up in the Hasidic community of Rockland County, NY, where he received very little business education. Despite his lack in education, his entrepreneurial nature made him wander into the business world at a very young age. As Mr. Green always says, “Blaming your poor education won’t get


How Whisky Fits In

Whisky retailers lamented when WhiskyFest, an enormous tasting event, was changed from a weekday to a Friday-Saturday event because it meant losing out on a huge part of their market.

Whisky Jewbilee started two years ago in response to the new deficit in tasting events for orthodox Jews. Within just a few weeks, Jewish Whisky Company assembled 32


Low Down Payment Options for Your Home Purchase

It’s a tease. Interest rates are low. Home prices are reasonable. You keep hearing it’s a great time to buy a house. If only the student loans and all your other bills weren’t keeping you from that hefty down payment.

Well fortunately, it’s not as simple as that. It never is. Although most people never even hear of them, there are programs out there

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