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Start-up Life, Part II

In the last piece, I discussed some of the broader issues that a prospective entrepreneur should consider before starting a new technology company. In this piece, I’d like to get more specific, focusing for now on the software space, and building up your core team. The biggest inducement you can offer someone to come work for you is equity. If you don’t know what


Discover Howard Rose’s Haven for Book Lovers

Teaneck—A novel written in 1919 perfectly foretells the nature of Brier Rose Books, Howard Rose’s destination bookshop that is part of Teaneck’s streetscape at 450 Cedar Lane. Written by Christopher Morely in the aftermath of the First World War, The Haunted Bookshop pontificates on the sights and smells of that special kind of secondhand bookstore that


Israeli High-Tech Companies Raise Record-Breaking $930 Million


This NoCamels.com - the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience

Israeli high-tech companies are getting increasing air-time in international news organizations and it seems the hype is justified. In the second quarter of 2014, Israeli high-tech


How Did You Come Up with Modest Swim Wear?

“The actual idea is from God,” I explain. Night after night, for several consecutive nights, I saw myself wearing one in the ocean. I saw the actual style and color down to the finest detail. I am sure it may sound unreal, but it was very real in my dream. I dismissed the dream. “I have no time for this,” I thought. At the time I was working as a


Start-Up Life: Part I

I’ve been asked to write about starting up a technology company. I should preface this by disclosing that I am, to some extent, learning as I go. Much of what I’ve done right has been thanks to helpful advisers, both professional and otherwise. I should also note that a lot of my mistakes key learnings have been through trial and error. Very often,


SEO Outsource or Insource?

I SEE A LOT OF companies (including some large brands) that are doing a great job in paid search, but are doing a lousy job in natural search. Natural search is also known as search engine optimization (SEO), organic search, or algorithmic search. Let’s see, how many more names can I call it to confuse you? Anyway, it all starts with the recognition that it’s


Kozy Kitchens Redefines Style

Teaneck—Ask most kitchen design experts the most basic of kitchen must-haves and they’ll likely respond “the triangle.” They’re not talking about the Bermuda Triangle where all your teaspoons disappear to hang out with all those lost socks from the dryer, they’re talking about the workflow triangle, the one that exists


Focus on Customer Service Sets Cedar Market Apart

Teaneck﹘Yossi Hollander once dreamt of becoming a chef, but that was put on hold after a down-to-earth discussion with an administrator at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). They told him he needed six months of experience in the food industry before beginning a program with CIA. To get that experience, Hollander found a job in a wholesale meat


Israel Bonds Not Just A Charity Anymore

Facing a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Israel’s economy is proving just as dependable during the current crisis as the much-acclaimed Iron Dome missile defense system, helped in part by capital investments made internationally through the work of organizations like Israel Bonds.

A product of the Development Corporation


David Alan: Spa Perfect

Paramus—Driving down the Eastern spur of Route 4 in Paramus, it’s hard to miss the artistic scrawl of the David Alan Salon and Spa Signature logo on the side of their oyster shaped building.

If you haven’t been there yet, this salon is worth the visit. David Alan and his team of experienced staff work with women, men & children to create


Li Ka-Shing: How The Chinese Billionaire Became The Startup Nation’s Biggest Supporter

This story originally published on NoCamels.com - the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience


If you’ve been following the business headlines lately, it’s clear that Israel and China are the hottest new collaborative couple. With the recent acquisition of Israeli


Finance Minister Lapid: Gaza Conflict Won’t Hurt Israel’s Economy

Minister of Finance Yair Lapid told Bloomberg News that the Israeli economy remains strong despite the fighting in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the 21 days of conflict had not affected the Israeli economy’s strong foundations, and that his ministry was constantly monitoring the figures. He also addressed the strength of the shekel, saying that it

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