Friday, December 09, 2022

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Linking Your Website for Success

Building textual content is important, but by itself, it’s not going to give you the boost in keyword ranking you desire.

Organizing your content in content silos is a powerful SEO technique, and combined with proper internal linking can be all that your site needs to rank for your primary keywords.

Links are important both internal and external.


Wanted: Art Majors for High-tech

Technology companies are looking for creativity, flexibility, and the ability to think outside the box.

The average profile for a high-tech worker generally includes an education in systems engineering, computer engineering, or programming. However, in recent years, along with the blossoming of start-ups, many companies are turning to


The Incubator That Fast-tracks Innovations for the Disabled

Tears of joy were shed by parents the world over when the Upsee walking device made by an Israeli mother for kids with cerebral palsy went to market this year. The Israeli-made Rewalk exoskeleton for paraplegics got a prime-time TV shout-out on Glee.

Drill down into the heart of Israel’s startup nation and you’ll see a growing


Four Marketing Fails You’re Probably Making Right Now

Running a small business or non-profit is a tough these days. The dismal economy created a lack of willingness to spend or donate. Etsy & eBay are creating online “local shops” that replace brick & mortar stores. Mobile apps are creating an easy way to shop at big box retailers over local retailers. Kickstarter & Causes are taking dollars away from local


Business and Halacha Weekly

What a View!

Levi and his family were sitting on their deck, enjoying a summer afternoon. Their house overlooked the ocean — almost. Ari’s house intervened, but they could look straight through his back yard. The children enjoyed watching the boats, while the parents would look at the sun and rippling waves.

While the family was


Batter Up!

The key to any successful baseball player and any athlete is that he prepares himself, both mentally and physically, way before he steps in the batter’s box.

As Director of Employment for Project Ezrah, it is often that our group is called upon to help guide individuals in the interview process. We look forward to sharing our combined experience of over 35


How to Best Finance a Start-Up

If location, location, location is the key to success for a retailer, the key to success for a start-up is money, money, money. The experience of many entrepreneurs shows that even the most technologically exciting company with a fantastic team and management, will make little progress, let alone be a success for its founders, if it has failed to organize


Start-up Life, Part II

In the last piece, I discussed some of the broader issues that a prospective entrepreneur should consider before starting a new technology company. In this piece, I’d like to get more specific, focusing for now on the software space, and building up your core team. The biggest inducement you can offer someone to come work for you is equity. If you don’t know what


Discover Howard Rose’s Haven for Book Lovers

Teaneck—A novel written in 1919 perfectly foretells the nature of Brier Rose Books, Howard Rose’s destination bookshop that is part of Teaneck’s streetscape at 450 Cedar Lane. Written by Christopher Morely in the aftermath of the First World War, The Haunted Bookshop pontificates on the sights and smells of that special kind of secondhand bookstore that


Israeli High-Tech Companies Raise Record-Breaking $930 Million


This NoCamels.com - the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience

Israeli high-tech companies are getting increasing air-time in international news organizations and it seems the hype is justified. In the second quarter of 2014, Israeli high-tech


How Did You Come Up with Modest Swim Wear?

“The actual idea is from God,” I explain. Night after night, for several consecutive nights, I saw myself wearing one in the ocean. I saw the actual style and color down to the finest detail. I am sure it may sound unreal, but it was very real in my dream. I dismissed the dream. “I have no time for this,” I thought. At the time I was working as a


Start-Up Life: Part I

I’ve been asked to write about starting up a technology company. I should preface this by disclosing that I am, to some extent, learning as I go. Much of what I’ve done right has been thanks to helpful advisers, both professional and otherwise. I should also note that a lot of my mistakes key learnings have been through trial and error. Very often,

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