Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Business Spotlight

Israel Bonds Not Just A Charity Anymore

Facing a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas terrorists in Gaza, Israel’s economy is proving just as dependable during the current crisis as the much-acclaimed Iron Dome missile defense system, helped in part by capital investments made internationally through the work of organizations like Israel Bonds.

A product of the Development Corporation


David Alan: Spa Perfect

Paramus—Driving down the Eastern spur of Route 4 in Paramus, it’s hard to miss the artistic scrawl of the David Alan Salon and Spa Signature logo on the side of their oyster shaped building.

If you haven’t been there yet, this salon is worth the visit. David Alan and his team of experienced staff work with women, men & children to create


Li Ka-Shing: How The Chinese Billionaire Became The Startup Nation’s Biggest Supporter

This story originally published on NoCamels.com - the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience


If you’ve been following the business headlines lately, it’s clear that Israel and China are the hottest new collaborative couple. With the recent acquisition of Israeli


Finance Minister Lapid: Gaza Conflict Won’t Hurt Israel’s Economy

Minister of Finance Yair Lapid told Bloomberg News that the Israeli economy remains strong despite the fighting in the Gaza Strip. He stressed that the 21 days of conflict had not affected the Israeli economy’s strong foundations, and that his ministry was constantly monitoring the figures. He also addressed the strength of the shekel, saying that it


Four Investors and Entrepreneurs Reveal Some Tricks of the Trade

It isn’t easy founding a start-up, even for a great idea. Four top investors and entrepreneurs offer some tips for beginners.

MyHeritage Ltd. founder and CEO Gilad Japhet. The genealogy social network, which has raised $49 million, was chosen as the most promising start-up by “Globes” in 2013.

Do your best to finance your company yourself


Crowdfunding Is The Key

More technology entrepreneurs are seeking to raise capital on sites like Kickstarter.

In late March 2014, Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) made another big headline-making acquisition: it was not the $19 billion that it shelled out to acquire instant messaging app WhatsApp, but a less known company called Oculus VR, which has developed the Rift virtual reality


How Your Online Presence Works to Grow Your Business

(StatePoint) If you own a small business, you know that online visibility is one of the keys to success. And these days, harnessing the Web is crucial to any marketing plan.

“While most small business owners know they need a strong Web presence, many of them are not taking enough action to build and maintain it,” says Tim Carroll, Vice President of Small


The Notable Notary

Have you ever wondered why any document needs to be notarized? Isn’t your signature good enough? And if more assurance is needed, aren’t witnesses sufficient as an additional level?

For some purposes, the quick answer is simply NO.

Some documents require the following:

*Proof that the purported signer is the actual signer



Publishers’ Note – Presenting The Business Link

We are proud to introduce our first-ever Business Link section in this week’s paper. It is our hope that the Business Link will become a regular section in our paper and serve as an invaluable resource to local business owners with great articles, advice, and features from select local and profes­sional sources aimed at helping everyone—from start-up to


Business & Halacha Weekly

Cool Emergency

On Friday morning, the air condition­er began rattling wildly. Mr. Wolf called his regular air conditioner repair man, Mr. Braun. “Sorry, but I’m already booked solid this morning,” Mr. Braun said.

Mr. Wolf tried a few other repairmen, but none were available.

Mr. Wolf called Mr. Braun back. “I wasn’t able to


Haredi Entrepreneurship Thrives in Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh, located 20 miles west of Je­rusalem with a population of 100,000 people, is home to innovators like Rabbi Joel Padow­itz, whose ventures have a direct relationship with the haredi community.

Padowitz, 36, is co-creator of what he be­lieves is a “game-changing” product for Israe­li tourism and business called the “Israel App.”


Crowdfunding a Kosher Vermont Cheddar

Highland Park—Even visionaries need to have a day job. Mark Bodzin, who works six days a week at the kosher deli counter at ShopRite in Livingston, is on a quest for delicious cheese. His idea: make an award-winning, aged farmstead cheddar, without animal rennet, certified kosher by the Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts.

Bodzin, who lives in

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