Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Local Residents Partner with Yashar LaChayal to Honor the Memory of Ari & Sari Horowitz

East Brunswick—Less than a year ago, on September 15, 2012, several citizens of East Brunswick were victims of a tragic accident outside the Young Israel there.  Among the fatalities were Ari and Sari Horowitz, long-time residents and members of the Young Israel.

The Horowitz’s were ardent supporters of Israel.  Ari joined the Israel


Myths and Reality of Precious Stones and Diamonds

In today’s market, precious stones like the diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald command a premium price due to their color, brilliance, and rarity. A common mistake often made by buyers of genuine colored gemstones is the belief that some stones are precious and some stones are only semi-precious. While precious stones are obviously more famous, this does


The Greatest Wealth Transfer Ever: Undone

Americans born in the early 20 thcentury who weathered the Great Depression, won World War II and birthed the Baby Boomers, have often been referred to as the “Greatest Generation”—referencing a best-selling book of the same name written in 1998 by Tom Brokaw. The Greatest Generation was projected to make one last imprint on American history: Through


Current Trends in the Banking Industry and the Effects on Local Banks

The current low interest rate environment is affecting banks’ profit margins. Less profit, coupled with a decrease in customer visits to branch offices, are contributing to bank’s decisions to reduce staff and close branches. Bank of America has been the most aggressive in closing branches. Last year it closed 256 branches and only opened 12. Bank of America could


Rabbi Brander Speaks at First UK Conference for Rabbinic Leaders Organized by New Chief Rabbi-Elect

July 23, 2013, New York, NY—Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Vice President for University and Community Life and the David Mitzner Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future at Yeshiva University, delivered three lectures at a rabbinic conference organized by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi-Elect of the United Kingdom.



Summer Decorating Boot Camp at Cake and Co.

Cake Boss meets kosher, for kids and teens! This August, the all-new Cake and Co., located on Queen Anne Road in Teaneck, NJ, will be offering four week-long classes for boys and girls, ages 9-12. This is the perfect activity for kids just back from camp, or for those looking to venture into the art of cake decorating in their free time. The classes will


World of Wings: Birthdays, Bar-Bats and Weddings Now Welcome

Teaneck—Seems like World of Wings (WOW), just opened, but now it has renovated and is celebrating the grand reopening of its play area on the second floor. It is an amazing facility, a butterfly museum and fun center, located at 1775 Windsor Road in Teaneck, After meeting and dealing with the community, WOW listened to what patrons had to say, and added a


Shine Bright Like A Diamond: How to Make Your Rings Sparkle

Teaneck—Have you ever stopped to look at your rings and wondered, why, since you weren’t a gardener grubbing around in the dirt, your rings were so dirty?

We know you have a busy life and you don’t have time to run to the jeweler every time your jewelry gets filthy. If your jewelry sparkled and shone on the day you received it but today looks


Calculating the Effect of Taxation on Accumulation

One of the challenges in determining the value of a particular financial decision is selecting the criteria for measurement. Calculating the impact of taxation on accumulation provides a good example, because while some of the factors are arithmetic, their impact can be geometric. This is best illustrated by the compounding – both for and against savers –


$48,000 Mortgage Assistance

How many times have you asked yourself why the government can bail out GM and the banks but not have any programs for the middle class? It seems that while the government provides for the “Too Big to Fail,” there is nothing for the everyday Joe who is facing hard times while trying to stay current on his bills and save his home.

This $48,000 grant is


Student Debt

You signed the loan papers to get the financing that allowed you to register for classes. Then you enjoyed years of undergraduate classes, tests, parties and friendships. You graduated and soon received the two most important documents of your life--your diploma and the letter scheduling your monthly debt payments.

Perhaps you are fortunate and are able to


Rules of Engagement

Mazel Tov! Buying an engagement ring may be one of the most substantial purchases that you will ever make; when your sweetheart wears her engagement ring it will serve as the perfect reminder of the day you pledged your everlasting love and commitment. But there are things you need to know before you go out there and spend thousands of dollars on an item you

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