Saturday, December 04, 2021

Business Spotlight

VSocial Meets Virtual Live Event Needs

As the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live, live event spaces quickly pivoted to virtual models. Joe Savetsky, who has decades of live-event experience, adapted readily to the virtual world. After 10 years of working on the production side of galas, expos and other in-person events with Triple S Studios, Savetsky launched VSocial,


The Art of Storytelling

There’s an old saying: “Those who tell the stories rule the world.” One thing for sure: If you are a fundraiser and you can tell a good story you will likely thrive.

I once described two types of philanthropists. The first wants to hear heart-rending stories and how their uplifting


Coleman’s Contrarian Career Tips

Avraham Avinu was also known as Avraham Ha-Ivri—the contrarian. He was willing to go against what everyone else at the time was doing. If you are job seeking, I strongly recommend taking a leaf from our forebear and at times sacrificing what’s easy and convenient to reach your dream destination.



Investination, a New Equity Crowdfunding Platform, Is Now Open to US-Accredited Investors

(Courtesy of InvestiNation) InvestiNation, an equity crowdfunding platform that provides access to some of Israel’s most promising startups, is now open to U.S. accredited investors, company executives announced.

The online platform offers proprietary investment opportunities with Israeli


Can Companies Require Employees to Take Vaccines?

Flu season is here, the pandemic rages on, and thankfully, a COVID-19 vaccine is seemingly in the foreseeable future. Many employers are considering mandating that their employees get vaccinated (most commonly for the flu or for COVID-19 if/when a vaccine becomes available). Aside from certain industries (like healthcare in some states)


The Attitude of Gratitude

In today’s times, networking is one of the most crucial aspects in making connections, introductions and learning of potential opportunities in new business settings. A conversation at a family gathering, a chance meeting with someone at a park or connecting with someone on social media can provide a lead that would have


Custom Point: A One-Stop Needlepoint Haven

Andrea Samet is the owner of Custom Point, an innovative, one-stop needlepoint destination in New Rochelle. Specializing in needlepoint Judaica, Samet’s repertoire of custom designs for items celebrating Jewish milestones and events is original, comprehensive and superbly creative.


Unique Elegant Seating Highlights Excellence and Quality

(Courtesy of Unique Elegant Seating) In 1978, Unique Elegant Seating opened its doors and offered its first collection of chairs. Over the years, we have grown this collection to include many of the beautiful and unique chairs that have become staples in the exclusive repertoire of furniture selected by prominent


Lightning Breaks Presents Live Lotteries for Sports Card Collectors

In this digital age, many traditional businesses have had to pivot to stay relevant. The world of sports card collecting is one of them. Josh Cantor of West Orange recognized this evolving market and launched an online business in July, presenting live-streamed sports card box-openings in a raffle format for avid sports


By Maricel, a Private Salon Suite, Adds Pampering to COVID-19 Safe Hair Care

Women have been making a choice since hair salons re-opened from the pandemic: Go out in public, with some trepidation, or live with hair that looks like an overgrown forest. Maricel Cunningham is giving women a better option: a private suite—By Maricel—within the Eli Tanous salon at the Shops at Riverside, Hackensack.


Is This the Time To Start up a Nonprofit?

I am periodically approached by individuals who wish to start up a Jewish nonprofit organization. In the current COVID-19 climate my skepticism abounds whether this is the right time or the right environment. Across the country, stories teem about how synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, Jewish social service agencies and many Jewish


Connecting for Success

Part 2

In Part 1 of Connecting for Success, I discussed broadening and deepening your connections on LinkedIn and invited you to consider how you can add value both to the people you network with and others that are job searching. Before discussing other ways to connect with professionals to learn more

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