Thursday, February 02, 2023

Business Spotlight

In the Market for a Luxury Timepiece? The Bezelry Is Your Best Bet

It’s the simcha season! Do you have a chattan in your life who needs a beautiful gift? A graduate? A father? Then look no further than The Bezelry, a new watch venture that primarily purchases high-end luxury timepieces and sells them for competitive prices, run by partners Yosef Chai Klein of Teaneck, who works in


Estate Taxes and Your High Gas Bill

One of my favorite moments as an attorney occurred in October 2016. It was that month that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law a repeal of the New Jersey Estate Tax in exchange for a gas tax of 23 cents per gallon. And in that month one of my successful business-owner clients called me up, and in her heavy New Jersey accent


A Farewell to Easy Returns

The 11-year bull market from 2009-2020 that followed the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was one of the longest on record. The prolonged, positive performance of the market can be attributed to several factors. First, real U.S. gross domestic product (adjusted for inflation) expanded every year. Second, unemployment declined to multi-decade


What Is Risk?

With the market’s sharp declines so far in 2022, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about investing without the word risk or its close siblings volatility and uncertainty coming up. You’ll hear things like “it’s too risky,” “markets are volatile,” and my personal


Cryptocurrency: Fad or Trend?

If you haven’t noticed, the crypto universe has been creeping up slowly and is starting to engage us in ways that were heretofore unknown to many of us. Suddenly, crypto seems to be everywhere. Haven’t you noticed?

What grabbed my attention recently was a front-page headline on New


The Six Leadership Communication Skills

Not all good communicators can lead, but all good leaders can communicate.

Of all the skills attributed to leaders—and by which leaders are identified—communication is universally agreed upon as the most important and the most indispensable.

How important? I


Use Software to Increase Collaboration

As helpful as meetings are for leaders to set and clarify expectations and build relationships, there still needs to be a communication system in place that allows whole, disparate teams to collaborate fluidly and in real time. Even before COVID, remote employment was one of the most rapidly growing trends in the business world. In a


The ROC of NJ Holds Financial Retirement Planning Session in Highland Park

As one of its varied efforts to build a strong Jewish community in Middlesex County, The ROC of NJ (Raritan Valley Orthodox Jewish Community Association) sponsored a financial retirement planning seminar at the Bridge Turkish and Mediterranean Grill on May 17. The event, which included a free dinner, was led by


Does Your Employer Offer Adequate Life Insurance Coverage?

If your workplace offers life insurance at a low cost (or no cost) to you, you may assume it provides sufficient coverage for your family—and not bother to give the subject a second thought. According to the 2021 Insurance Barometer study, 57% of U.S. workers rely on their workplace for life insurance. 1But you owe it to


Chaim Kiss: Your One-Stop Shop For a Spectacular and Affordable Event



Want to make an extra special oneg? How about orchestrating a truly inspiring tish? If you want a particular program to fit your needs and you don’t see it being advertised, just ask Chaim Kiss and he will not only make it happen, he will do so affordably.


‘Bergen County Sports Cards’ Opens in Bergenfield

Robert Katz knows sports. He’s worked in sports radio and as a producer with WNBC and WCBS in New York. Throughout his career, he’s worked with an assortment of big names—including Mike Breen, Marv Albert, Howard Stern and the Jewish community’s own Nachum Segal—and is now taking the next step in his


The Therapy Place Expands Services, Locations and Impact

When The Jewish Link first covered The Therapy Place (December 2018), a company offering occupational and speech therapy, the practice had already built a strong reputation in Ocean County and recently expanded to establish an outpost in Highland Park.

Since then, in the words

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