Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Business Spotlight

What Is a Case Statement and Do I Need One?

When I started my career in fundraising, the catchphrase I heard most often was “Where is your case statement?” This became very intimidating because I had no idea what a case statement was and whether I needed one. After a while, I was determined to learn about it, and so I undertook my due diligence.


Improve Your Hebrew With Maya Yehezkel

Maya Yehezkel, a Hebrew teacher at Yeshivat Noam, is offering customized Hebrew tutoring for all levels of learning. Her background in education with an emphasis on Hebrew language has enabled Maya to teach Hebrew to a diverse clientele. Maya works with a wide range of students outside of school who require support in Hebrew


Seeking Outstanding Scholar-Athletes

Kaplen JCC of the Palisades is looking for outstanding graduating high school senior scholar-athletes who will be studying in college or Israel next year. One male and one female will win a $3600 scholarship each, with second and third place winners also receiving scholarships. Applications are due December 31, so hurry and apply. The


On Night for Coach Norm, TABC Varsity Hockey Powers Past Undefeated SAR Sting

Thursday night was a special one at the Weather Center as TABC honored the great Norm Blumenthal in recognition of his years of service to the TABC community as both the JV hockey and baseball coach. In between a doubleheader hockey game against SAR, the crowd saluted Coach Norm and last season’s baseball championship banner was


How to Find Office Space That Suits Your Company

We can all bask in the dream of letting employees work from home to save money, but as our many experiences have taught us, productivity can suffer when you sit in your pajamas and cuddle with your dog. Studies show that although it’s not technically necessary,


Everything to Know About Selecting Fleet Vehicles for Your Company

Running a business that utilizes a fleet can be a challenge. On the one hand, you want to please your employees by giving them all they need for a smooth and comfortable driving experience. On the other hand, you want to find a way to make more with less to make the most money. This is what leads many business owners who


ShabbosLite Will Brighten Your Home

Chanukah is the celebration of the Jewish people coming from the darkness into the light. And since I work in the lighting business, I’ve been bringing folks into the light for more than 40 years!

I’ve seen so many changes in lighting technology over the decades, but nothing is like the


Heichal’s Track Club Runs in 5K Race

On Sunday, the Heichal Track Club joined with the Hogwarts Running Club to compete in a 5k race in Overpeck Park. The members of the Heichal Track Club trained for a few months for this meet and other upcoming races. The club meets one and a half hours before Shacharit. Congratulations to Heichal student Michael Naiman as


The Business of Social Media With JWE

In the late days of September before entering the respite of the High Holy Days, Jewish women were hard at work. Attendees of the JWE Social Media Summit were no exception, and while many were also likely running through endless to-do lists in their heads, most of their day was spent focused on learning


Premium Financing: Leverage for Life Insurance

Almost everyone who enjoys a measure of financial success has at some point borrowed to facilitate their plans. Debt provides financial leverage to control or acquire more assets, and the opportunity to multiply productivity. Very few people “pay cash” on their way to creating a fortune.


MAC Ventures Launches $10 Million Inaugural Fund

Fund will focus on early-stage investments in U.S. and Israeli companies across a diverse set of industries.

(Courtesy of Yeshiva University) MAC Ventures, LLC announced today the launch of a $10 million fund that will invest in early-stage tech companies based in North


Yonatees Makes You Smile

If we’re lucky, we find a job we like. If we’re really lucky, we find a job that brings us joy. Neil Bodner is a particularly lucky man. Born and raised in Teaneck, he has started a business and launched a website that he likes, brings him joy and, he hopes, will bring smiles to the faces of those with whom he