July 20, 2024
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July 20, 2024
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Incredible Story and Connection at the Airport Goes Viral

Editor’s note: As of this writing, a post containing this story has received thousands of views, likes, and shares on LinkedIn and other platforms.



It’s not every day that someone hands you $800 in cash at the airport, but that’s exactly what happened.


Waiting for my flight to Cleveland, I took an empty seat near my gate. Noticing my big yarmulke, the fellow next to me looked over and said, “Oh, I see that you’re Jewish!”


I smiled. “Yes, how did you know?”


He shared that he, too, is a man of strong faith. And I mean STRONG. He knew his scriptures like the back of his hand. I was amazed at his knowledge, and his steadfast adherence to “the word of the Bible.” He spoke passionately about his values and convictions and his prayers for the world.


“Excuse me for asking, but based on the kind of person you seem to be, I wonder if you might be interested in what I do. Do you tithe?”


“Of course I tithe,” he said. “10% and more! I’d love to hear more about what you do!”


I explained the concept of Daily Giving and our platform of compound charity. “$1 a day isn’t very much – but when thousands of people donate together it makes a huge impact.” I told him we were on track to give out $5 million dollars this year – and counting!


He had only one question. “Where does the money go?” I told him we distribute 100% of the funds to nearly 80 organizations that fulfill various important needs of the Jewish community.


Then, to my surprise, he put his hand in his pocket and said, “Put me down for 500 days!”


Then he handed me 5 crisp $100 bills.


I sat there completely shocked… Did that just happen?


He smiled and said, “I have been blessed. And I know what I’m supposed to do with that blessing. And if the Bible says, ‘Those who bless the Jewish people become blessed,’ then I’m going to get that blessing, too! G-d loves you people, and I’d love to be a part of what you’re doing.”


I thanked him profusely and spoke a few more minutes about life and values. Before getting up to board his plane, he concluded, “Look. We have to live our faith. You see I’m in for almost 2 years of giving now. You know what? Let’s just do it now.” He reached into his pocket again and handed over another $300!!


“This is for 800 days of giving.”


This is not just a story about a gentleman who is excited about Daily Giving.


This is a story about a person who knows what he believes and does not hesitate to fulfill what he knows to be what he is meant to do.


“I knew as soon as you sat down next to me,” he said, “you were put here for a reason. And now I’ve fulfilled that.”


Being a giver is about being honest with ourselves about the blessings we have – and what that makes us accountable to do. It’s about anticipating helping others. It’s about feeling like we are the true recipients when we give.


Charles, thank you for your 800 days of $1 a day – and thank you for lessons that have no measure.


Charles doesn’t have social media, but you can learn about his business at http://bigpipemech.com
You can learn more about Daily Giving at www.dailygiving.org Rabbi Arieh Friedner is COO at Daily Giving.

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