July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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CareOne at Teaneck Introduces New Clinical Capabilities


CareOne at Teaneck is a short stay, highly-skilled nursing facility that is widely known for its extensive array of clinical capabilities. The facility is pleased to review these capabilities, broad spectrum of services and exceptional level of care with the community.

While many skilled nursing facilities provide similar services, CareOne at Teaneck prides itself on how it incorporates patient-centered care, ensuring residents’ goals and plans of care are individualized and developed based around the patients’ current clinical needs, their prior level of function and their goals and expectations for discharge. Therapists and nurses work together to develop these goals and plans of care to enhance and maximize their patients’ stay while preparing them for discharge back to the community.

CareOne at Teaneck accepts patients who require all types of drains, including JP and biliary drains. Patients with urostomy drains, which help collect urine following certain types of bladder surgeries, colostomies which drain stool from the stoma into a bag or pouch attached to the abdomen, and nephrostomy drains, temporary tubes that drain urine from the kidney through an opening in the back, can also be referred to CareOne at Teaneck.

CareOne at Teaneck also offers a wide range of cardiac services including life vest, inotropic continuous IV medication administration for end-of-life CHF patients, LVADs (Left Ventricular Assistive Device), pacemakers and implanted cardioverter-defibrillators.


LVADs help to pump oxygenated blood to the body when the heart is not strong enough to do so on its own. With LVADs, residents are usually diagnosed with severe heart failure and may be even on a waitlist for a heart transplant. These patients are monitored closely for infection, bleeding and pump malformation. When LVAD patients are admitted into CareOne at Teaneck, its team of highly-trained staffers will immediately conduct an in-service to check for any signs of infection, bleeding or other cardiac issues such as increased heart rate. LVAD services are also inclusive of dobutamine drips, which are administered to help treat heart failure by strengthening the heart muscle.

CareOne at Teaneck is also pleased to offer a number of pulmonary and respiratory services such as tracheotomy services and care, bipap and cpap services, sleep studies and oxygen therapy. CareOne at Teaneck is able to admit patients who come in with Pleurx catheters or Aspira catheters that need to be drained multiple times a week and followed up with pulmonary support, as well as in-house consults.

Patients who require hemodialysis can also be referred to CareOne at Teaneck. They offer IV insertion services that range from peripheral, to MIDD and PICC lines. Staffers at the facility can insert peripheral lines, while MIDD and PICC lines are entered by a secondary company that comes in house and inserts the lines at bedside.

Staffers at CareOne at Teaneck are also able to perform EKGs to measure the electrical activity of the heart, conduct bladder scans, also known as bladder ultrasounds, a non-invasive procedure utilizing ultrasonic waves to assess the bladder, and even insert Foley catheters to drain urine from the bladder into a bag outside the body.

Timika Shannon, clinical services coordinator for CareOne at Teaneck.

Some patients are admitted to CareOne at Teaneck as NPO (unable to eat by mouth) and may require a gastrostomy feeding tube, nasogastric tubes or a J tube in order to receive vital nutrients. CareOne at Teaneck provides these services along with frequent consultations with its in-house dietician. Other patients arrive at the facility on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) receiving their nutrition via IV.

Since many of CareOne at Teaneck’s residents admit with wounds, either from pressure, vascular issues or deep tissue injuries, the facility has a wound specialist on staff who comes in weekly and can provide surgical debridement at bedside. Also available is wound care dressing changes (as needed) and wound vac care for those patients with large wounds requiring extensive treatment.

Covid positive patients are also accepted at CareOne at Teaneck, as well as patients who require isolation for multi-drug resistant organisms. Care One at Teaneck is also able to provide neutropenic precautions for cancer patients with low white blood cell counts during and after treatment.

CareOne at Teaneck also offers orthopedic services such as external fixators, post-surgical care for joint replacement surgeries, fractures, dislocations and other orthopedic repairs.

CareOne at Teaneck accepts patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, as well as psychiatric patients, provided their behaviors do not cause injury or harm to others or themselves.

CareOne at Teaneck offers restaurant-style dining services for lunch and dinner which allows for families and guests to enjoy a meal with their loved ones. As a certified kosher facility that also houses a synagogue on the premises, CareOne at Teaneck continues to provide Sabbath amenities including candle lighting and services on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, which are open to both the facility’s Jewish residents as well as Jewish neighbors from the community.

As always, CareOne also offers each discipline of therapy including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and respiratory therapy for all its residents. CareOne at Teaneck also offers psychosocial and psychiatric therapies and services for those residents who request or would benefit from them.

Their activities department offers group activities that range from balloon volleyball, beach ball, bowling and hallway bingo. For their patients with cognitive or sensory deficits, they offer a range of sensory programs such as music therapy and tactile stimuli engagement, such as dolls and other items. They have movie nights, Karaoke nights and other fun activities during the day, evening and weekend.

The facility maintains a full staff and all shifts have a supervisor on hand. Because CareOne at Teaneck strives to ensure continuity of care, there are two in-house nurse practitioners in the facility who will immediately see residents following a change in condition or for routine follow-up care. There are two units managed by nurse managers who make it their top priority to get to know their patients and families, building trust and rapport. CareOne at Teaneck also has a full-time on-site infection preventionist who works closely with the infectious disease doctor and is constantly evaluating patients’ infections and their monthly trends. A full-time facility educator is always on hand to provide constant continuing education education on all of CareOne at Teaneck’s clinical capabilities.

All supervisory roles are completely covered and the facility maintains a full staff so that for every referral for a particular type of clinical service that CareOne at Teaneck receives, the facility educator is able to introduce the appropriate training to the staff, performing walkthroughs on what to look for and what to expect, as well as when it is necessary to send a patient back to the hospital due to a change in condition.

As always, CareOne at Teaneck offers the highest quality hospice care and respite services and is constantly evolving and building relations with surrounding hospitals, communities and physicians. Everyone is encouraged to stop in for a tour and meet the team. For more information about CareOne at Teaneck and the services it offers, please call Timika Shannon, clinical services coordinator for CareOne at Teaneck, at 201-862-2200.

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