September 24, 2023
September 24, 2023

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Figuring Out Food Labels

Over the last 20 years the Food and Drug Administration has made food labels mandatory by law in an effort to improve the transparency of


Los Angeles—Actress, film and television director Zane Buzby had a promising career. She appeared in a series of films and then went on to direct

A Hot Dog A Day…

“Can a hot dog really kill you?” “Is it true that having more than one hot dog a year is considered unsafe?” “How many hot

A “Jewish Medical Home”

While much is made of the new Medicare initiative for patients to have a “medical home” responsible for all aspects of their care, I realized

Religion, Recovery, and Anorexia

It is always important to counter the negative stereotypes and misconceptions that are raised by people who do not understand eating disorders,  especially when a

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