Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New York–Yeshiva University’s (www.yu.edu) Sy Syms School of Business announced that it will kick-off  its annual “Leading with Meaning” business ethics and entrepreneurial education programming with an event entitled The Silicon Valley of the Middle East: Understanding Israeli Entrepreneurial Success on Wednesday, October 9 beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Belfer Hall at YU’s Wilf Campus in Washington Heights, NY.

Run in conjunction with the Sy Syms Student Council and Yeshiva University’s Israel Business Club, the event will feature keynote presentations from Michael Eisenberg, a partner at the $140 million early stage venture capital fund “Aleph” and Jeremy Lustman, a partner at DLA Piper’s Corporate and Securities group, both Yeshiva University graduates who have achieved entrepreneurial success in Israel.

The evening will also feature a presentation by Alon Harris, an innovation facilitator and key accounts manager at Systematic Inventive Thinking, a Tel Aviv-based company founded by Yeshiva College graduate Yoni Stern.

“While Israel is a place that we all connect with, that connection is usually religious, political or ideological.Our goal is to demonstrate to our students that an economic connection is possible as well.It is important to us that they see Israel as a place ripe with economic possibilities for new immigrants, an excellent investment opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world and a homeland worth bragging about,” said Prof. Charles Harary, director of the “Leading with Meaning” program.

“In addition to imparting a better understanding of how Israel is changing the global economic landscape and exploring the keys to achieving economic success in the region, the event will also present an excellent networking opportunity for the YU community.”

Following the keynote presentations, Prof. Harary will engage Mr. Eisenberg, Mr. Lustman and Mr. Harris in a conversation about the unique opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Israel.

For more information, please visit yu.edu/syms/israel. To register, please visit tinyurl.com/SSSBIsrael2013

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