Saturday, October 01, 2022

Teaneck—After the death of Renee Chaya Levy of Teaneck seven months ago, her son Chaim, and her widower, Yehiel Levy, came up with the idea of establishing a much-needed medical gemach to honor her memory.

As anyone who has suffered an illness or experienced surgery recognizes, it is often expensive and certainly time-consuming to obtain all the many devices necessary for the patient to function on a daily basis. With the blessing of Rabbi Larry Rothwachs and the cooperation and participation of the members at Congregation Beth Aaron, the family decided that they would be able to “help people who are down on their luck,” at a particularly trying time in their lives, while paying tribute to their wife and mother.

Thanks to the gemach, anyone who wishes to borrow or to donate medical equipment, such as walkers, commodes, shower chairs, even a motorized wheelchair along with many other items, will shortly be able to do so by contacting the Levy’s at Yehiel_optonline.net or call Yehiel at 201-357-5495 and he will even arrange for the item to be personally delivered to your home.

At present, all donated medical items are being stored in a spare room at the Levy apartment in Teaneck. However, the family is looking for volunteers to help them out with garage or basement space as their limited space is rapidly filling up.

The Levy family is operating the gemach solely as a nonprofit organization, so no monetary donations are being requested. Please watch for postings on Teaneck Shuls or Beth Aaron newsletter for the exact opening dates and hours of the gemach. May this wonderful tzedakah bring comfort to the family.

By Estelle Glass

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