Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Moriah School in Englewood will be donating three WunderWagons to the pediatric oncology floor in Hackensack Hospital after a successful goods and services fundraiser run by the student council.

Teachers throughout the school offered up gifts or treats for auctions and, through students bids, $2,400 was raised. The auction raised three times the hoped for amount as, originally, the aim was to provide a colorful, animal shaped wagon to Chana Poupko, the daughter of the assistant Rabbi at Ahavat Torah in Englewood.

“Our students really rose to the occasion, participating wholeheartedly and most generously in this incredibly important cause,” a school representative said. “We could not be more proud of our students for the effort they dedicated to this most worthy fundraiser.”

The fundraiser was based on ticket purchases- every $1 ticket would give a student the chance to win sports jerseys, special lunches, class movies, unique toys and more. The enthusiasm wasn’t just for prizes; it was also for Chana who is both a friend and neightbor to many of the students.

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