Sunday, September 25, 2022

On Wednesday, January 22nd, the 4th Annual National School Choice Week will launch its cross-country Whistle-Stop Tour from Newark, New Jersey, bringing the message of liberty all across the country. In conjunction with this historic event, Choice Media is organizing the New Jersey School Choice Summit 2014, where school choice advocates are coming together to inform and inspire public participation in the critical battle for parental choice in education.

Bob Bowden, Founder and Director of Choice Media and producer of The Cartel, will present his latest documentary, The Ticket, which takes viewers on a historic whistle stop train tour across the United States, showing different forms of school choice along the way and the children they serve.

“School choice is proliferating in the United States, fostering innovations in teaching and advancements in learning,” Bowden said. “ It’s based on a simple premise: No one educational model can possibly serve every kind of student, and so parents and children deserve the freedom to choose the schools that work best for them.”

Andrew Campanella, President of National School Choice Week, said, “The Week allows participants to advance their own messages of educational opportunity, while uniting with like-minded groups and individuals across the country.”

New Jersey Family Policy Council will be “Celebrating Our Commitment to Parental Choice in Education—the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time,” on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, 353 East Hanover Ave, Morris Township, New Jersey. Joining in sponsoring this event are a growing number of public advocacy groups, including New Jersey Taxpayers’ Association, Alliance for Free Choice in Education, Veritas Conservative Alliance, Americans for Prosperity – NJ, Morris Patriots and 2014 Unity.

For further information and assistance, contact Israel Teitelbaum, Israel_SchoolChoiceNJ.org or 973-820-6121.

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