Tuesday, June 28, 2022

(Courtesy of Bris Avrohom) The Jewish community in Kherson, Ukraine thrived for the past 30 years. They had a shul, an early childcare center, a hot soup kitchen for adults, various Torah classes, holiday programs and more, yet it all came to an abrupt end with the devastating war, and its community of 1,150 people finds themselves fighting for survival.

Rabbi Yossi Wolf, the rav of the Kherson community, turned to Bris Avrohom for assistance, and they were able to come to their aid during this time of need. Through the generous outpouring of support from the community, Bris Avrohom is helping them provide their people with food packages containing essentials such as flour, eggs, rice and basic vegetables on a daily basis.

Without these food packages, people would literally starve to death, as there is absolutely no food to be gotten anywhere in the war zone they are now in.

In addition, since the war in Ukraine began a few months ago, obtaining medication became extremely problematic and difficult, specifically in the town of Kherson and in its neighboring cities.

Many people, Holocaust survivors included, are in desperate need of medications for diabetes, anxiety, high blood pressure and general medications.

People in these towns live in constant fear, not knowing what the next day will bring. Not having the proper medications is a concern of survival.

Thanks to the support of Bris Avrohom, medications and provisions were procured for people in need.

To donate for the aid and rescue of the Jews in Kherson, contact Rabbi Kanelsky by emailing [email protected] or calling him directly at 908-289-0770.

You can also bring or mail checks payable to “Bris Avrohom/Kherson” to 910 Salem Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey, 07205.

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