Thursday, May 19, 2022

(Courtesy of Teffilateinu) Over 100 kids from around the world tuned in on Monday, May 2 for the first-ever Tefillateinu Zoom event. It was an incredible sight, and the sounds were even more amazing. More Than 100 kids reciting Tehillim together for other kids in need of tefillot.

The meeting began with words of chizuk from founder Charlie Breda. “We know the mishnah in Pirkei Avot tells us that the world stands on three things. The world stands on 1) Torah 2) Avodah “work” 3) Gemillut Chasadim “kind deeds.” We know from a quick analysis of Taanit daf Bet that Avodah is referring to tefillah or prayer. But why would the mishnah need to explain that there are three things the world stands on? Why not just list them? Does the Mishnah think I don’t know how to count to three? Look at a table, it has four legs. Let’s say you take away one of them, now it has three. The table is still standing, just a little wobbly. Now let’s say you have only three legs and you take one away, the table has collapsed on the floor. Nothing can stand without that third leg. The same thing with the mishnah. You need all three aspects, not just one.”

After Charlie spoke, Rabbi Avi Rosalimsky gave a dvar Torah on the power of Tefillah. There was then the recitation of Tehillim and an awesome raffle at the end.

Teffilateinu is a brand new Tehillim initiative started by a group of friends from Teaneck and Woodmere. This program brings kids together every other week on Zoom to say Tehillim together for other kids. The group of friends decided to start the program after coming together with other kids around their age to say Tehillim for one of their friends, Ava Abeshera, z”l. They felt that the power of kids saying Tehillim regularly, not just in times of crisis, could be unreal.

Teffilateinu meets biweekly on Mondays over Zoom in the evening. Each time, there is a short introduction given by a teen and then a guest speaker gives a short dvar Torah before reciting two chapters of tehillim together.

Of course, there are some awesome swag and prizes! The first prize was Airpod Pros, and you can expect many many more exciting prizes to come! There are also custom tehillim cards, custom siddurim, and much more iy’’h coming very soon!

The next Tefillateinu meeting will take place on Monday May 16 at 7:15 p.m. on Zoom. If you’d like to donate or sponsor Tehillim you can do so at https://bit.ly/donate613. To receive updates and sign up for Tefillateinu please visit https://bit.ly/message613.

Special thanks to Charlie Breda, Asher Tesser, Eitan Isaacs, A.J, L.G, and Rabbi Avi Rosalimsky for making this a reality!

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