Tuesday, August 16, 2022

(Courtesy of Makor) “Is my child’s fear about going to school normal?”

“My 9-year-old daughter prefers playing by herself. Is that healthy?”

In our increasingly complex world, even the most conscientious and dedicated parents can use an extra measure of insight and guidance in raising healthy, well-adjusted children. So often children exhibit behaviors that may be a subject of concern: How is a parent to know what requires intervention and what measures to take?

The renowned Samuel Mandelman Ph.D., a widely sought-after lecturer on the topics of mental health and education, will be conducting an informative and engaging Zoom conference: “Mental Health Primer—What Every Parent Needs to Know.” The focused lecture will address a broad range of the most fundamental mental health issues including anxiety issues, mood disorders and thought disorders, as well as learning and attention difficulties, giving parents a basic framework to recognize potential red flags.

The lecture is part of an ongoing series of presentations by The Makor Institute, a broad-based community resource of results-driven data, practical knowledge and information on a wide range of relevant issues. The Institute is the research, education and innovation branch of Makor Care and Service Network, a professional nonprofit agency providing a system of support, care and services to individuals with intellectual or physical challenges and their families.

Dr. Mandelman has gained acclaim for his trailblazing work as founder and clinical director of The C.L.I.N.I.C., a multi-specialty practice specializing in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of mental health and learning-related issues, where he conducts neuropsychological evaluations as well as differential diagnosis consultations. He holds a doctorate from Columbia University in educational and developmental psychology as well as a specialty in clinical psychology/neuropsychology. He also holds rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, zt”l and Rabbi Nota Greenblatt, zt”l, and is a close disciple of Rabbi Elya Brudny shlit”a.

The Zoom presentation will take place on Tuesday July 5 at 7:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required at www.makornetwork.org/lecture. It’s a valuable service that parents would be wise to avail themselves of. For additional information call Makor: 917-853-0900.

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