Thursday, December 08, 2022

(Courtesy of Community 4 U) While the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has slipped below the radar for many, one local New Jersey organization is expanding its efforts to deliver food and essential items to the Jewish community in Ukraine.

Community 4 U has recently secured donated warehouse space and, thanks to some generous supporters, is halfway to paying for a truck to enable even more food and other donations. A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise the remaining $25,000 to fund the truck.

According to Rabbi Moshe Hezrony, founder of Community 4 U, “This truck will help us get even more food donations from companies. Expanded capacity means we can help even more people struggling will enable us to help even more people struggling on the ground.”

Many essential kosher foods and other items are not affordable or hard to get in Ukraine, due to fighting and supply chain disruptions. During the summer, Community 4 U was successful in shipping five containers of donated items to help the Jewish Relief Network Ukraine, which serves as a food bank for local Jewish communities. The food was donated by numerous kosher food manufacturers and distributors, including Osem, Kayco, Snack Innovation, Coca-Cola, Newmarket Fine Foods, Pepsico, A. Zeregas & Sons, and more.

Plans have been developed to ship several containers a month for the next six months—which will be made possible by the new truck and warehouse. This will also enable other partnerships with local organizations and food banks to support food relief efforts in New Jersey.

Community 4 U began as a local effort in Roosevelt, New Jersey to support seniors and others struggling to get essential food supplies during COVID-19. First came delivery of food boxes for Passover. That was followed by weekly food deliveries to dozens of local residents who had ongoing needs. This led to partnerships with several community nonprofits and organizing large-scale food distributions that served thousands of New Jersey residents.

Community 4 U has been able to collaborate with many suppliers to source significant quantities of donated items. Rabbi Hezrony says he is eagerly looking for other partners to expand these efforts.

For more information, visit http://community4u.us, or contact Leah at 609-331-0986 or [email protected]

To contribute to Community 4 U’s campaign, visit: http://community4u.us/donation

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