Tuesday, March 28, 2023

(Courtesy of Bergenfield Library) Through membership fees, contributions,and fundraisers, the Friends of the Bergenfield Library organization has raised thousands of dollars to purchase essential equipment and acquire specialized materials to enhance the patron’s library experience. For more than 60 years, Friends of the Bergenfield Library has sponsored book sales, garage sales, raffles, luncheons, teas, author talks and other fundraising activities.

Over the years, these fundraising efforts have brought a wealth of services and resources to the library, including the Mango language learning program, room furniture for the children’s program, materials for the ESL program, new public computers, museum passes, an art hanging display system, bike racks and more.

This past year, 2022, marked a very special year for the Friends. During the library’s carpeting project in the fall, the Friends generously subsidized the cost of designing and installing two large custom train themed murals in the children’s room. In addition, the Friends were able to upgrade the audiovisual system in the library’s main meeting room, which will undoubtedly benefit community groups and program attendees.

In 2023, the staff wants to go even farther and make the children’s room a premier destination for Bergenfield families. The Friends of Bergenfield Library have set a goal to raise $25,000 to buy a custom three-car train fixture for the children’s room. This train would be large enough for library lovers of all ages to play in for years to come. Your support to this fund would help them turn this vision into a reality!

The library staff and board of trustees remains indebted to the Friends for their enduring generosity and volunteerism.

The Friends meet the first Thursday of each month at 12:30pm in the library.

In addition to personal memberships and donations, the Friends of the Bergenfield Library are seeking business sponsors for 2023. If you have questions about business sponsorships, please contact George Armbruster by email at [email protected]

For more information about the Friends or to donate via paypal, please visit www.bergenfieldlibrary.org  or contact the library at 201-387-4040.

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