Monday, January 25, 2021

New Jersey

Basic Car Facts Every Driver Should Know

Being a responsible driver does not start and end with your road skills. Of course, safety behind the wheel and a working knowledge of how to follow traffic laws is essential, but there is another element to safe driving that may not be as obvious. This element is car knowledge. You must have an education about the vehicle you drive as a piece of your safe driver


Holy Name CMO Dr. Adam Jarrett Discusses COVID-19

The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC),The North Jersey Board of Rabbis and The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey recently joined together to present an informational Zoom meeting with Dr. Adam Jarrett, chief medical officer at Holy Name Hospital. Dr. Jarrett was at the forefront during the initial onslaught of COVID-19 and


Rebbetzin Dr. Michelle Sarna: Jewish Life in the UAE

The sisterhood of Congregation Beth Aaron, headed by Debbie Sheffey and Gabriellle Silverberg, invited Dr. Michelle Sarna, wife of the UAE Chief Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, to address the community on Zoom this past Sunday evening, January 16. A large group of participants took advantage of this opportunity to hear what is actually happening on the


Concurrent Teaching: How Is It Affecting Our Students and Teachers?

(Courtesy of JFNNJ) Last March, with the onset of the pandemic, schools sent their students home and went virtual, which meant that kids and teachers were suddenly attending Zoom school. Within a few months, just as everyone seemed to be adjusting to virtual learning, a new model emerged called concurrent teaching, which is a blend of


‘The Dog Ate My Tefillin’

Due to coronavirus, people are davening at home. Leaving tefillin open on the table may have unintended consequences. Rabbi Yitzchok Weinberger, sofer stamm of soferlinks.com examines tefillin chewed by a dog.


Hundreds Tune in to TABC’s Virtual Annual Dinner

(Courtesy of TABC) Over 500 people tuned in to TABC’s inspiring virtual dinner program on Sunday, January 10, with an encore performance on Monday evening, January 11, for viewers in Israel. The program, which began with a moving rendition of Hatikvah sung by TABC alumni, featured an engaging


Teaneck and Holy Name Medical Center Partner to Deliver Vaccine

Last week, the township of Teaneck and Holy Name Medical Center transformed the Richard Rodda Community Center into a hub for dispensing the COVID vaccine. According to Dean Kazinci, Teaneck township manager, the feat was nothing short of amazing. “We had about two weeks lead time once the option was offered,”


HHREC Plans Virtual Holocaust Remembrance Day Events

“Remember the days of old, understand the years of generation after generation” (Devarim 32:7).

One of the key values of Judaism is to remember the past, learn the lessons of the past and use these lessons to educate and inspire future generations to make positive change. Reflecting on the Holocaust we often summarize our response with the phrase


What's in a Name? Name Changing Among American Jews

What’s in a name?

For Romanian-born Academy Award-winning actor Edward G. Robinson, his real name, Emanuel Goldenberg, seemed “too foreign” and, he suspected, “too Jewish” for him to find success in the film industry in the early part of the 20th century.


New Era of Partnership Begins Between Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medicine

(Courtesy of YU) Dr. Ari Berman and Dr. Philip Ozuah recently signed a new agreement between Yeshiva University and Montefiore Medicine, launching a joint Yeshiva University-Albert Einstein College of Medicine B.A./B.S.–M.D. program for highly qualified high school graduates, ensuring their path to an excellent


The COVID-19 Vaccine and Its Communal Impact

It isn’t every newly minted Jewish organization that finds a way to immediately provide essential communal services. But The ROC of New Jersey is no ordinary group.

Formed this past fall in the midst of the pandemic, the Raritan Valley Orthodox Jewish


WJC Honors Tamar Weinberg of New Rochelle

Tamar Weinberg of New Rochelle has been chosen as a recipient of the Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Award from the Westchester Jewish Council, nominated by Young Israel of New Rochelle (YINR) for her amazing, non-stop efforts on behalf of the New Rochelle community. Each year WJC honors approximately 18