Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Orthodox comedian Eli Lebowicz will be performing four stand up shows in Israel this Chol Hamoed Pesach. Lebowicz has opened for comedian Ashley Blaker and Comedy for Koby’s Avi Liberman, and has done comedy at Jewish events all over the United States, often at school dinners, shul melave malkas and other venues. His largest audience was last motzei Pesach at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Queens. (Cue laughter here.)

This will be the first time he’ll be doing comedy in Israel and while he’s excited at the opportunity to perform for an Anglo audience in the Holy Land, the real reason he is coming is because his in-laws made aliyah last summer and other babysitters weren’t available. His relatable, self-deprecating style of very Jewish material will be performed in English because after years in the Jewish day school system, the only Hebrew he learned was how to say the names of various school supplies.

His shows will be April 22-24, with two shows at The First Station (Terminal) in Jerusalem on Monday, April 22, one in Efrat at Tzur Hagai hall (Dekel) on Tuesday, April 23, and one in Beit Shemesh at Beit Midrash Torani Leumi (BMTL) in on April 24. For tickets, you can visit http://www.elicomedy.com/israel.