Saturday, July 04, 2020

The Lt. Governor of the State of New Jersey Sheila Oliver held a pre-Chanukah special reception in her office where she invited all the agencies working under her jurisdiction. Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky and Shterney Kanelsky presented the Lt. Governor with a special gift a silver Sefer Torah from Jerusalem.

The Lt. Governor, in response, shared with everyone how she had the privilege of joining Bris Avrohom’s gala weddings, dancing with the brides and assisting in spreading the light of Chanukah by going around with Rabbi Kanelsky to various colleges in the state of New Jersey to encourage the presidents to place menorahs in their perspective colleges. She continued sharing that she feels that the placing of menorahs is a very important endeavor to illuminate the darkness and how proud she is to host this annual event in her office where all the agencies have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with joy and festivities. The Lt. Governor shed tears as she spoke about the tragedy in Jersey City where innocent people were killed and requested a moment of silence from everyone present.

The event concluded with a brunch sponsored by Bris Avrohom where many people made resolutions after hearing Rabbi Kanelsky share how every person can and should be a lamplighter by adding in goodness and kindness to make the world a brighter place.