Saturday, June 06, 2020

Hoping to inspire people all over the world as the 14th Daf Yomi cycle begins, Klal Govoah is offering a free digital download of Maseches Brachos and a chance to win one of three iPads loaded with the full ArtScroll Schottenstein Digital Shas to anyone who learns Daf Yomi on Sunday, January 5, in memory of ArtScroll founder Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, zt”l.

A live shiur in Lakewood given by the renowned Sruly Bornstein, magid shiur of the Lakewood Daf Yomi shiur, will be livestreamed, making it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in the learning initiative. The 10 a.m. shiur will take its place in the record books as the largest Daf Yomi shiur in the history of klal Yisrael, with well over 2,000 people already signed up to learn the daf together with the shiur through the livestream. Those in the tri-state area will have the unique opportunity to attend the shiur in person, with 250 seats being made available in Lakewood.

Organizers, which include Lakewood Daf Yomi, ArtScroll, the Orthodox Union’s All Daf and Eastern Union Funding, are encouraging everyone to taste the sweet waters of Daf Yomi, even if just for the first day of the new cycle in memory of Rabbi Zlotowitz whose sefarim opened up the world of Shas to hundreds of thousands all across the globe.

Reservations are required for the live Lakewood shiur, with seats to be allocated free on a first-come-first-served basis. According to Klal Govoah founder Ira Zlotowitz, having seen the incredible commitment to Daf Yomi in the tri-state area, Lakewood was the perfect location to host an event of this magnitude, and seats are going quickly.

“We encourage those who want to be there in person as history is being made to sign up at Klal Govoah now, while there are still seats available,” said Mr. Zlotowitz. “Even if you learn just one daf, join us on January 5 and be part of klal Yisrael as the Daf Yomi cycle starts again.”

To reserve a seat at the shiur or to sign up for the livestream visit Klal Govoah online at https://www.klalgovoah.org/live.

By Sandy Eller