Sunday, May 31, 2020

When someone works for an organization that supports people suffering from the ravages of cancer, it becomes so much more than a job; it is a 24-hour-a-day mission. Gitti Klein and Devoirie Neiman, formerly of RCCS, have devoted their lives to help alleviate the suffering of cancer patients. For years, they have done everything in their power to help every patient, in every way they can.

Nearly six years ago, Devoirie’s husband, Shilom Neiman, z”l, was diagnosed with cancer. His prognosis was extremely grim; the doctors gave him no more than three weeks to live. Shilom, being a man of means, spared no expense searching for anything that would help prolong his life. What he discovered was oncologist-administered integrative health treatments.

These treatments, dosed and administered by world-renowned oncologists Dr. Howard Bruckner and Dr. Azriel Hirschfeld, not only alleviated the horrific side effects of his chemotherapy, they helped Shilom defy the odds, granting him nearly two more years. Two years that were not spent bedridden and in pain. Two years in which Shilom was able to travel, marry off his children and hold new grandchildren in his arms. The treatments not only gave him life, they gave him quality of life as well.

There is no insurance that will cover these types of supplemental treatments, and they are very costly. Shilom undertook the responsibility to help anyone suffering from the harsh effects of chemotherapy. He paid for everything, no questions asked. In fact, when he passed away, patients came to the shiva house desperately pleading that the family continue supporting their care.

At that point, Gitti and Devoirie realized that a new and innovative organization had to be formed. And so, they left the security of working for an established organization and embarked on a selfless journey to fill a void in klal Yisroel. Thus, Aid L’Shalom was created, in memory of Shilom Neiman, z”l, whose generosity and concern for the klal was the catalyst for its formation.

For four years Aid L’Shalom has been assisting any cancer patient that knocks on its doors. From a grassroots organization, it has grown to a state-of-the-art facility housed within the Bruckner Oncology offices. There, treatments are administered under the care of oncologists and provided in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. They are in no way a substitute for traditional care. Rather, when combined with the standard protocol, these FDA-approved treatments help maximize the curative results of standard chemotherapy while minimizing the side effects, which are often worse than the disease itself.

Aid L’Shalom services include Vitamin C infusions, nutritional support provided by licensed dietitians, acupuncture, reflexology and various adjunct treatments used to increase the efficacy or safety of the primary therapy, as well as financial support to help cover secondary expenses of cancer patients, including personal living expenses, transportation expenses and specialized food expenses.

Patients are never turned away due to lack of funds, despite the fact that costs can run into the thousands of dollars per month. This is not an organization with scores of employees and a hired fundraiser. Gitti and Devoirie personally knock on doors and turn to generous members of the community to help in any way they can. They work tirelessly, day and night, to make sure that they never have to say no to any of the people so desperate for their help.

Aid L’Shalom is unique in its vision and its mission. “We are helping people in a way that has not been done before,” said Gitti. “We see the tremendous difference these treatments have on suffering cancer patients. It gives them their humanity back.”

On March 7, Aid L’Shalom will be holding a spectacular event at Ahavath Torah in Englewood. The Night of Inspiration Gala will feature a special address by the renowned and electrifying Charlie Harary,a sumptuous buffet by Izzy’s Smokehouse, and a live performance by musical legend, Soulfarm. There will be a wine tasting by Herzog, and a mixologist serving custom cocktails.

“The New Jersey community is renowned for their exemplary מידת החסד and outstanding tzedaka. We’re confident that they will support us in this vital endeavor,” said Devoirie.

Gitti Klein and Devoirie Neiman would like to extend a personal invitation to the New Jersey community to join them for an incredible evening supporting Aid L’Shalom. Entrance is $250 per couple/$150 per person (in advance). To register for the event, or to make a donation, please visit www.aidlshalom.com

For sponsorship opportunities and donations, please contact Devoirie Neiman at 347-831-9295 or Gitti Klein at 347-631-6986.