Saturday, May 30, 2020

In her position as director of educational technology at Bruriah High School, Debbie Ezra has been inordinately busy these last two months, setting up technology and training teachers in its use in online classrooms. In addition, she observed the many groups that were forming to provide needed services to community members who found themselves alone and unable to perform daily tasks due to the coronavirus pandemic and state mandated stay-at-home orders. Three weeks ago, she jumped into action and organized the Elizabeth Chesed Group, which reaches out to seniors and others in need. The group offers assistance with shopping and picking up medications, running errands, rides to doctors, contact with mental health professionals and, when needed, simply a listening and sympathetic ear.

Joining Ezra in this chesed are Rebbetzin Rivky Herman, Rebbetzin Yael Bleicher, Sara Kimmel and Emunah Sohn. Ezra stresses that this is a community-wide chesed group, involving all the area shuls. Through WhatsApp, Ezra is reaching out to driving teenagers and college students to come aboard and join the team. Coming soon will be the inclusion of the Hillside community in this endeavor.

To volunteer or to avail yourself or others of the services of the Elizabeth Chesed Group, email [email protected] or call Debbie Ezra directly at 908-377-3722.

By Pearl Markovitz