Sunday, October 25, 2020

(Courtesy of YUConnects) If you’re looking for an uplifting presentation that offers thoughtful and meaningful relationship advice, look no further than “Wedded Wisdom for Dating and Marriage,” a virtual event on Tuesday, September 15, at 9 p.m. (EDT) brought to you by YUConnects.

Whether you’re married or dating, you’ll hear insightful and practical counsel from YU roshei yeshiva, rabbinic couples, matchmakers and young couples as they discuss what makes a happy and healthy relationship work. Topics include advice for a successful and enduring marriage, overcoming challenges and how to decide if someone is “the one.” You’ll also hear personal anecdotes sure to make you smile and see touching clips from the dating world and recent weddings that occurred during the pandemic.

“This event offers a moving experience for all couples, whether they’ve been married for many years or newly married, as well as singles,” remarked Dr. Efrat Sobolofsky, director of YUConnects. “Grandparents will enjoy it as well. In addition, it was heartwarming to receive the clips from the talented speakers, all of whom were excited to participate,” she added.


Open to the entire Jewish community, YUConnects offers unique social programming, targeted matchmaking and innovative educational forums. Since YUConnects relies solely on the generosity of donors, people are invited to donate and support their valuable work. Supporters will be featured in the Scroll of Honor listings.

“The YUConnects staff and network of matchmaking volunteers has truly distinguished themselves throughout the pandemic with an exponentially greater responsibility to provide guidance, direction and support in these challenging times,” said Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, the David Mitzner dean of Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future. “Our community has watched as so many couples have navigated the complex dynamics of dating and wedding planning within the limitations of COVID-19. This program brings together our partners in an inspiring journey of guidance, advice and inspiration for singles, parents and those married for years. Please join us in this moving and transformative experience in support of the incredible work of YUConnects.”

Register today to be a part of this fascinating and informative video event at www.yuconnects.com/wedded-wisdom  and to support the work of this vital organization. In fact, YUConnects just celebrated the engagement of its 427th couple!

To watch the trailer of the video, visit www.yuconnects.com/wedded-wisdom 

For more information, visit www.yuconnects.com  or email [email protected]