Friday, August 06, 2021

As the new secular year begins, so, too, begins a new chapter in Jewish Link history. Our readers and partners living in the Bronx, Westchester, southern Connecticut and Manhattan have been receiving our paper on a biweekly basis. That is about to change. We are pleased to announce that, beginning this week, The Jewish Link will be delivered weekly to all locations in all of our coverage areas!

Life has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, every facet of our lives has been altered in some way. Recognizing that many of these changes have crossed bridges and borders, we believe that the time is now to fully unite the Jewish communities we serve. We learned long ago that our readers who live in Highland Park/Edison, Clifton, West Orange, Teaneck and elsewhere in New Jersey are also interested in, connected to and impacted by news coming out of Riverdale, Westchester, Stamford and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and vice versa. We may call different communities home, but in so many ways we are one Jewish community, and it is time that our paper fully reflects that.

Since its 2013 founding, The Jewish Link has grown steadily, and we have tweaked and changed things as needed in an effort to help us better serve our readers. From our beginnings as The Jewish Link of Bergen County, which began as a biweekly newspaper; to The Jewish Link of New Jersey; to a second paper called The Jewish Link of the Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut; to our current weekly status as The Jewish Link (Expanded Edition), although we expect to drop that last part, we are proud to continue to bring you our unique blend of coverage on pro-Jewish and pro-Israel topics. And we thank you for continuing to invite us into your homes and your lives each Shabbat.

We could not have reached this point without the efforts of our dedicated team of editors, writers, contributors and staff, who work tirelessly each week to bring you breaking news, features, analyses, divrei Torah and more from all of our communities and Israel, enabling us to truly be one community newspaper. And, of course, thank you to our committed advertisers, who have stuck with us despite the hardships of the past year.

Our pledge to you is that we will continue to be your community’s primary Jewish newspaper and main Shabbat read, writing on topics of interest to all of our readers in all of our communities. We have already begun several new columns, including our Jewish Link Superfan of the Month, for which we have received rave reviews, and we are looking to expand further in the coming months. We are also pleased to begin bringing the sage words of Rabbi Lord Jonthan Sacks, zt”l, to our divrei Torah offerings. In a nod to our younger readers, we plan to expand our awesome Kids Link, and we invite articles and ideas for those pages. We are excited about these changes, and we know they will only enhance your reading experience.

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