Thursday, April 15, 2021

(Courtesy of HASC Center) On a recent Sunday, U.S Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was joined by Jewish community leaders at his weekly press conference. Joining Senator Schumer at the conference was Mr. Shmiel Kahn (Executive Director of HASC Center), Abe Eisner (Chairman of HASC Center), Yehiel Kalish (CEO of Chevra Hatzalah), Ezra Friedlander and Abe Biderman. They presented Senator Schumer with matzah and a customized Haggadah. Three HASC Center residents, Pnina, Sruli, and Nechama, wrote a note thanking the senator for all of his help on behalf of the Jewish community and primarily non-profit organizations.

The offer touched the senator. He loved the Haggadah, matzah and the note and was sure to let everyone know that he is always here for the Jewish community, non-profits, and the special needs population. On a personal note, the senator shared his plans on participating in the Seders, one night with his parents and one with his in-laws.