Monday, September 27, 2021

(Courtesy of Chabad) Just a few days before Tisha B’Av, Chabad of Hackensack and Chabad of Teaneck will present “The Truth about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount” on Sunday, July 11 at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

The multimedia presentation centers on one of the most contentious issues in the Middle East conflict: The Jewish historical claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

“In recent years, archaeological discoveries in the ancient city of Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel have uncovered key findings that present a powerful and convincing case for the biblical story and for the Jewish claim to Israel,” said Rabbi Mendy Kaminker of Chabad of Hackensack.

The lecture will be presented by Rabbi Avraham Stolik, founder and director of the Jerusalem Uncovered Institute. Stolik has combined his knowledge of Jewish history with his archaeological passion while lecturing on the topic of biblical archaeology for more than a decade, focusing mainly on Jerusalem. He has been dubbed the “Jewish Indiana Jones” and has given lectures across the country.

“This is a topic that I’m very passionate about,” Stolik said. “I feel a sense of pride and a sense of connection with our forefathers in the land of Israel. These are stories that I learned in the Bible as a student, and then every so often, when something is actually found that corroborates a story and brings the story to life, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction.”

Stolik has received wide acclaim as a biblical archaeological scholar. In the presentation, he will share his extensive knowledge of Jewish history and Bible study as well as his passion for biblical archaeology. He has created a unique presentation that includes imagery, diagrams and videos that can benefit anyone, whether he or she has been to Israel before or has any background in history or archaeology.

“These are ‘hot-button’ issues facing Jews today and Israel in particular,” Stolik said. “Now, you can arm yourself with the facts on the ground—and underground.”

There is a $18 suggested donation. To register, visit ChabadHackensack.com/Jerusalem

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