Sunday, October 24, 2021

On Sunday, September 26, the fourth day of Chol Hamoed Sukkot, Leviim Jewish Art Gallery was proud to host and direct Geula, a landmark Jewish Street Art Fair. The show featured Chaya Hindy, Dina Meyer, CR Judaica, Yehuda Freeman, Yitzchak Schmukler, Sara Thobe, Nethaniel Julius, Eli Siani, Rikki Chanin, Leah Kayne, Helene Brenenson, Alex Greenfeld, Sarah Chyrek, Leah Fruendlich, Yitzchok Bloom, Chani Chanin, Nitza Rubin, Yehuda Trooper, Cynthia Kaufman, Mendy Boteach, Mimi Uvitsky, Yisroel Goldstein, Adam Hernandez and Jake Muskal.

The fair included representation from Rishon Art Gallery, Schusterman Gallery, Clapman Gallery, and the Lechaim Gallery. Additionally, there were two event vans, one from Yosef Flamer from Parnissim, a three-piece band. Over 5,000 people attended and enjoyed beautiful art depicting Mashiach and the redemption of Am Yisrael. One vendor sold a Yitzchak Holtz painting for $10,000! Leviim Art Gallery is so thankful to have been able to bring this event to life and make history with the first ever Jewish Street Art Fair.

This event was sponsored by Collive.com, attorney Shoshana Brenenson, Dovid Levine, Lakewood Shopper, The Jewish Link Media Group, Moshe Kinderlehrer and Zev Brenner.

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