Tuesday, November 30, 2021

This past Sunday evening, over 70 people who are part of the Mercaz Daf Yomi (MDY) Shiur came together to celebrate the Siyum for Masechet Beitzah at the Bais Medrash of Bergenfield (BMOB).

Rabbi Moshe Stavsky, the rav of BMOB, delivered inspiring words praising the attendees for their daily learning of the Daf of Gemara, and encouraging continued learning, and for others to join Daf Yomi, as well.

The night was exciting and geshmak with live music, dancing and excellent speakers, along with the actual siyum masechet and Hadran. The buffet was delicious, especially the signature salami and eggs in honor of Masechet Beitzah.

The MDY chevra, who attended for the completion of Masechet Beitzah, came from all over Bergen and Rockland counties, as well as Staten Island and beyond.

Thousands of people worldwide are part of the MDY chabura and tune in daily for an exciting and inspiring full Daf Yomi shiur, while also reviewing the Daf with the “8 Minute Daf” summary videos, to experience meaningful and fun Torah learning, joining together in achdut with Jews from all walks of life.

The Mercaz Daf Yomi Beit Midrash in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, was created by Rav Eli Stefansky to enhance Torah learning with a focus on Daf Yomi. This was a follow-up to his “8 Minute Daf” program for chazara (review) of each day’s Daf, with clear and illustrated concise recap videos.

Rav Eli Stefansky works tirelessly every day to create charts, diagrams and illustrations to help explain each concept of the Daf to make the Torah so much more enjoyable and memorable.

More information, or to join the MDY chabura, visit www.8minutedaf.com or email [email protected]

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