Thursday, December 02, 2021

(Courtesy of Emunah) Emunah is honoring Changemakers—adults and kids—at the Emunah Annual Virtual Dinner on November 1. Many children growing up in families with parents and grandparents who devote time and effort to helping Emunah see the important work their families are doing and get involved themselves as they near bar/bat mitzvah age. Changemakers of all ages are ordinary people who choose to make a positive impact on society. They are helping to improve the lives of Israeli families through their support of Emunah’s initiatives in education, social services and health.

Ronnie Faber, Emunah senior director of philanthropy, and grandmother of a young honoree, said the Changemaker program introduces kids to the vast array of things in Israel that Emunah does. “We have children’s homes, schools, day care centers, senior centers. It draws attention to the different ways people can contribute, and lets them do something they are passionate about to help.” Here is a glimpse of several young changemakers who are being honored, and what they are doing to support Emunah.

Avigayil Berkowitz, Sophie Bistritzky, Leah Buzik, Nathan Buzik, Abigail Chesner, Ben Chesner, Yonaton Faber, Tori Koren, Erin Nathan, Aviva Neumann, Ava Orgel, Dalya Septimus, Ilan Sugarman and Katie Weiss are our Emunah Changemaker Kids. These 14 extraordinary kids and teens from across the country are being recognized for their chesed/bar/bat mitzvah projects. Ranging in age from 7 to 14 years old, this incredible group shows youth and adults alike that it’s never too early to make a difference, with 5K runs, dance lessons, toy drives, basketball tournaments, designing mask chains, car washes and more. Said Sophie Bistritzky, “My friend and I wanted to keep busy during quarantine so we started making mask chains for people to have fun and accessorize while having to wear a mask. We chose to donate to Emunah because we wanted to be able to help children that needed it.” Added Ilan Sugarman, “The best part of the chesed project was bringing the same joy I had running with my friends to the kids in Israel.”

National President Debbie Bienenfeld said, “I believe that parents, grandparents and mentors play a large role in creating leaders who see themselves as part of the solution, and this will move their passion into reality, where everyone can be a positive force for society.” We encourage you to involve your children in making a difference in Israel. Go to www.emunah.org/changemakerkids and create your own personalized fundraising page and help fundraise for a child at risk. It’s a great teaching opportunity.

Sign up to be a Changemaker Kid at www.emunah.org/changemakerkids  and join Emunah at the Annual Virtual Dinner at www.emunahdinner.org.

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