Thursday, January 20, 2022

(Courtesy of United Hatzalah) On October 27, Elissa and Andrew Glaser from Demarest, New Jersey, held a very special event in their home for members of the community including their family and close friends. The Glasers, on behalf of Vantage Auto, donated a lifesaving emergency ambucycle (motorcycle ambulance) to Israel’s largest fully volunteer EMS organization, United Hatzalah. The donation came as part of Vantage Auto’s decision to donate a portion of the company’s profits each quarter to a charity.

The family chose to do this dedication in honor of the opening of Vantage Auto’s newest location called The Collection. “It is with great pride that we donate this ambucycle to United Hatzalah of Israel. We are grateful to our friends, our family, and to our clients whose support of our efforts made this donation possible,” the family said. “It is our hope that this emergency ambucycle will rush to aid those in need and swiftly save lives across Israel.”

Andrew Glaser is the co-founder of Vantage Autos along with his father, Gary Glaser. Andrew has always had a love and a passion for motor vehicles. Running one of the largest wholesale car dealerships in the region, which offers their customers cars at wholesale prices with no gimmicks or hidden fees, Andrew knows the value of a vehicle and how effective it can be used in the correct circumstances. Thus, donating a lifesaving vehicle to United Hatzalah is not something that was foreign to him or his family.

New Jersey Regional Director of United Hatzalah of Israel Miriam Tennenbaum, who helped organize the event, spoke about the generosity of the Glaser family. “The Glasers exemplify the importance of family giving. Andrew and Elissa have taken the next generation’s lead on making a difference and helping others. We are honored to partner with them and the entire Glaser family in our effort to save lives on a daily basis in Israel.”

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer, who was in attendance for the event, spoke about the importance of the organization’s work and how the very soul of the organization depends upon the partnership between the donors and the volunteers in Israel, who work together to save lives and respond to more than 1,800 medical emergencies every day. “United Hatzalah volunteers embody the epitome of loving-kindness. Our network of 6,000 volunteer EMTs, paramedics and doctors give of themselves to save the lives of others, their neighbors, or even complete strangers, on a daily basis. This act of giving of themselves, their knowledge, their expertise and their time, is something that is well known to the Glaser family. Elissa and Andrew come from a family of experts when it comes to vehicles and now, they are donating a vehicle to help save the lives of fellow Jews in Israel. I cannot think of any more fitting way of connecting their own personal expertise and using it for the good of their brothers and sisters, and the whole community in Israel. Yashar Koach, I applaud you.”

Some 30 people attended the event and were excited to see the dedication taking place. When asked why he felt it was so important to help others in need, especially in Israel. Andrew found a quote that resonated with this gift and placed the text on the ambucycle. The text reads: “It is easier to take than to give, but it is nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts for a day, but the thrill of giving lasts for a lifetime.” He shared that United Hatzalah has been an inspiration with its technological innovations and advanced life-saving techniques. His family has donated ambucycles in the past, as this is one of United Hatzalah’s most unique and inspiring innovations. He is proud that he now has the opportunity with his wife, Elissa, to donate one of their own to help in their efforts to save lives.

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