Sunday, August 14, 2022

In response to recent events, radio hosts Al Gordon and Sarah Newcomb Gordon were approached by those seeking support, and decided to take a stand. The result is a new musically-enhanced public service program, a live radio show entitled “KIDS SPEAK OUT!”

Kids are invited to speak, sing, play an instrument, share a concern, story, joke or, as the Gordon’s son Joey, musician-influencer, said, “How aww ya ova dere?” They can simply tell listeners how they’re doing. The program is inclusive. Anyone can call in.

The steering committee has already spoken directly with community leaders: rabbanim, teachers, mental health professionals, parents and attorneys, and the Gordons welcome involvement from anyone in an influential role regarding children.

The Gordons want the show to be a time for kids to speak; unscripted, uninterrupted, without middlemen, out loud and publicly. Community leaders will be on hand with guidance regarding proper speech and reporting. They will explain “Prevention 101,” that reporting is not lashon hara, while criticizing victims/survivors is a crime.

Choice is empowerment. Doubt and confusion create fear. The Gordons invite the community to join them to counter the negative with the positive, one child at a time.

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