Friday, January 21, 2022

Yad L’Olim is constantly getting messages from people saying:

“Help, I tested positive at the airport.”

“Help, I’m visiting, didn’t feel well and tested positive.”

“Help, I tested positive on my test before my flight home.”

As much as they want to help everyone, they need travelers to understand that once someone tests positive in Israel there is an automatic quarantine of 10 days. (The government may soon reduce this to seven.)

There is also a possibility that the authorities will mandate that you do this quarantine in a hotel at your own expense if you don’t truly have your own apartment.

Please note that if you had COVID within the last three months there is a mechanism to get you out of quarantine if you test positive upon arrival.

Yad L’Olim is working with the authorities on ways to enable more people to come to Israel once the situation improves, and they look forward to welcoming all travelers to Israel.

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