Monday, June 14, 2021

Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger of Congregation Beth Abraham of Bergenfield participated as a lecturer in the third and final installment of the new OHEL Shabbos Youth Group Leaders Training Workshop. Over three sessions, the Beth Abraham team had a chance to hear from OHEL experts and local community leaders about the importance of assuming the mantle of leadership and watching for tell-tale signs of unhappy and/or problematic children’s behavior.

Beth Abraham’s Youth Director, Aryeh Morris, noted, “Our leaders benefited greatly from this informative, educational, and extremely fun program.”

This Program will become the standard with which OHEL will not only train its staff members, but will help other organizations and shuls train their leaders.

For more information, and to bring this creative program to your shul, please contact Simcha Feuerman, OHEL’s Director of Strategic Planning, at Simcha_Feuerman_ohelfamily.org

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