Tuesday, September 22, 2020

New Jersey

YUConnects Presents an Inspirational Virtual Event for Married Couples and Singles

(Courtesy of YUConnects) If you’re looking for an uplifting presentation that offers thoughtful and meaningful relationship advice, look no further than “Wedded Wisdom for Dating and Marriage,” a virtual event on Tuesday, September 15, at 9 p.m. (EDT) brought to you by YUConnects.



Pre-Yom Kippur All-Night Virtual Learn-a-Thon Will Offer Inspiration at Home

(Courtesy of TheLearnathon) When Simcha Shron, 20, was in the middle of his second year of study at Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevasseret Tzion in Israel, he was disappointed to learn that a number of his fellow yeshiva students were not planning to participate in the annual Jerusalem Marathon.


Three Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Teachers to Be Featured in Stamford High Holiday Learning Program

Rabbi Oran Zweiter, Rabbi Naftali Wolfe and Elana Trompka Friedman will highlight an upcoming Zoom learning program on the topic of: “Current Perspectives on the High Holidays.” The program, which is being sponsored by the Center for Community Education (CCE) at the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of


Highland Park/Edison Annual Teshuva Lecture Will Feature Rabbi Berel Wein

This year’s annual Highland Park/Edison Teshuva Lecture to benefit Yad Eliezer, dedicated to the memory of I. David and Miriam Goldstein, will take place via Zoom on Sunday, September 13 at 8 p.m. The featured speaker is Rabbi Berel Wein, founder and director of the Destiny Foundation. The topic of Rabbi Wein’s lecture


JFSCNJ Helps You Navigate the Educational System for Your Child With Special Needs

Jewish Family Service of Central NJ (JFSCNJ) will present a program titled “Navigating the Educational System for Your Special Needs Child,” on Monday, September 14, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

Join JFSCNJ therapist Phil Baird MSW, LCSW as he guides you through the process of evaluating your child


Chavrutas Organize Parallel Rosh Hashanah Shofar Initiatives

Anyone who participates in a long-term chavruta knows that the focus of their time together rarely stays confined solely to the subject matter. The two or more people involved often develop strong personal bonds, which extend to their families. In some cases, the study partners prompt each other to do remarkable acts of


A Sefer Torah Gets Repaired


Yeshivat Noam Educators Participate in ‘Hidden Sparks’ Program

(Courtesy of Hidden Sparks) Teachers from Yeshivat Noam are taking part in an elite training program to better address the social and emotional needs of their students whose academic year will start off differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hidden Sparks, a nonprofit dedicated to training teachers and providing them with the tools to


Learn With Lamdeinu in Elul: Where Your Chevrutot are Your Friends

(Courtesy of Lamdeinu) Lamdeinu began its Elul High Holiday program on Tuesday, September 1, and students were delighted to reunite with their friends and chevrutas as well as to meet new participants.

Lamdeinu’s mission is to give adult learners


Rabbi Steinsaltz's Shloshim Will Stream Online

(Courtesy of the Aleph Society) World-renowned rabbi and Talmud scholar Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz passed away on August 7. An online memorial commemoration featuring reminiscences, film clips and discussions of Jewish text will be marking the shloshim.

Streaming event begins Tuesday,


Simon Wiesenthal Center Honors Heroes for Tolerance in Englewood

(Courtesy of Simon Wiesenthal Center) This past Sunday, the Simon Wiesenthal Center held its fifth annual event honoring “Heroes for Tolerance” with overwhelming support and success.

While this event is usually held in conjunction with the New York Yankees


Emunah of America: The Secret Behind Being the Change

(Courtesy of Emunah) COVID-19 brought scary, unprecedented and undesired change. In the midst of everything, Emunah of America is shining a light on the positive changes within the Jewish community—“changemakers.”

Emunah’s changemakers made individual positive impacts by