Wednesday, June 03, 2020

New Jersey

Learning for Life: Ma’ayanot Offers Diverse Adult Learning Opportunities

Now that children and grandchildren are back in school, it’s time for adults to return to their own learning as well. Leading the charge as an excellent resource in the community for high-level education, Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School is offering a wide array of Continuing Education courses to enable men and women to experience the same stimulating instruction that


A Community Grows in Itamar

Itamar, a yishuv in the center of Israel in the hills of Shomron, was established on Israel Independence Day in 1984 by a small group of pioneers. Back then, according to Rebbetzin Leah Goldsmith, one of the first families to move to Itamar, all you saw were stones and stumps. The land was barren. Now that same land is lush.

Today, Itamar is the largest yishuv


Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Presents Top Films You May Have Missed

Mondays at 7:30 p.m.: The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades will present its popular film discussion series Top Films You May Have Missed with five sensational films, each introduced with commentary by Andrew Lazarus, a Parsons film studies expert, and followed by an optional discussion. To enhance the experience and to provide people with the opportunity to connect with


NORPAC Hosts Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) in Englewood

September 11—On Sunday, Adam and Dana Sasouness of Englewood hosted an outdoor NORPAC reception for Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) at their home. Born and raised in South Carolina, Tim Scott was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2011. He was fast-tracked to the US Senate in 2013 when South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley named him to fill the seat vacated by Jim


Fair Lawn Shabbat 9/11 Commemoration Draws Praise

A special Shabbat kiddush is almost always associated with an individual person or family, whether it’s to celebrate a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, or perhaps in recognition of a notable honor received by a shul member. Shomrei Torah of Fair Lawn’s special kiddush on September 10 was very different in that it went beyond just one family, and, in fact, beyond the


Teaneck’s Chaim Kiss to Be Guest Chazzan at Lincoln Square

Teaneck resident Chaim Kiss will be serving as the Guest Chazzan this Shabbat at Lincoln Square Synagogue. In recent weeks, Chazzan Kiss has served as a guest chazzan in Long Beach both at the Young Israel of Long Beach and the Bach shul. Over the past year, he has also served as the guest chazzan at Fifth Avenue Synagogue and has been singing at the Israeli Day Parade


Moriah Students Raise Money to Honor 9/11 Heroes and Victims

Raquel Haber and Emmy Speiser, 8-years-old who attend The Moriah School, raised over $160 in honor of the firefighters and victims of 9/11 by selling freshly made cookies and lemonade. These young girls energetically flagged people down to encourage them to visit their stand.

After the sale was over, they went to the Englewood Fire Department 2nd Platoon to


Hedy Needle Returns to Teaneck Just in Time for the Holidays

In case you have not heard, all the fall yomim tovim are in October this year. It will be cool enough to wear our fall and winter outfits, and we have enough time to find new hats to wear. The kids will all be back in school, open school nights will be done and the moms may be able to leave the homework duties for a while and escape to buy a new hat. We are looking


Bergenfield Library ‘KinderGarden’ Program Gets Preschoolers Reading

Rebecca Stein, age 5½, recently hit a big accomplishment. Shortly before her third birthday, Rebecca, who frequents the Bergenfield library with her sister, grandmother and mother, signed up for their ‘KinderGarden’ Early Literacy Book Club—a club with a goal of having each child read/hear 1,000 books before kindergarten. Rebecca was excited to begin the club


Let’s Build Forever! One Israel Fund Dinner on Sept. 19

At a busy thoroughfare in Gush Etzion, three Chayalim are taking a break from their grueling patrol shift on a day of intense Israeli heat. It is well over 100 degrees outside, and with the added weight of their backpacks full of equipment, it feels more like 120! They are thrilled to finally take a break to get some refreshing iced coffee and home-baked cookies,


Jewish Home’s [email protected] to Help Seniors Build Sukkahs

Are you a senior or physically challenged individual who needs assistance building your sukkah? Jewish Home at Home’s [email protected], formerly Bonim Builders, would like to help. Our volunteers are once again available to help assemble your sukkah in time for the holidays. Our volunteers will be building sukkahs on Sunday, October 2 through Sunday, October


Magen Yehuda to Visit Teaneck

Magen Yehuda, an Israeli non-profit organization that provides security and anti-terror training for communities in Israel, will be visiting Teaneck on Sunday, September 25. In the face of increased terror attacks in the late 1990s, the IDF organized kitot konenut, civilian first response teams, to protect communities in Israel on both sides of the Green Line. There