Thursday, July 02, 2020

New Jersey

Shomrei Torah Energizes for Shavuot

As shuls across the country grappled with ways to creatively keep the spirit of Shavuot alive, Rabbi Andrew Markowitz of Cong. Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn, New Jersey summarized the atmosphere he was trying to embody with one word: warmth. He went on to explain that of the Shalosh Regalim, Shavuot is easily the most


Frisch Senior Spearheads Kosher Food Drive

(Jewish Link Staff) Shira Sedek is a graduating Frisch senior with a huge heart and acts on her beliefs. A few weeks ago she was learning about the problem’s families are facing during the pandemic. She realized that while she was being affected, there are others who were being affected worse. “A lot of people are losing their jobs or


Central NJ Rabbanim Address Challenges in COVID-19 Era

While much of the talk about heroes and essential workers in society focuses these days on healthcare providers, grocery store clerks, and delivery people, members of frum communities know that we’ve always relied on another set of essential workers to help structure, interpret and direct our lives. Those


YU Emergency Scholarship Campaign to Include Support For IDF Soldiers and First-Generation Students

(Courtesy of YU) In response to the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yeshiva University has launched its emergency scholarship campaign. Committed to helping all students achieve the YU degree they set out to earn, the university has reached out to its generous community to help them help its students achieve this


Masks for Weddings?

Joyce Weinberger of Livingston, New Jersey, who has created and donated over 800 surgical masks, has extended her chesed project to include festive, white masks for wedding guests, and specially personalized masks for the chatan and kallah including their names and the date of their wedding. She can be contacted at


Edison's RPRY Plans Creative Virtual Gala for June 14

It’s not every day that an internationally recognized comedian sends you a personal invitation to watch him perform at your local yeshiva’s annual celebration.

Parents, alumni, teachers, staff and supporters of the Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva (RPRY) in Edison received the video


Bris Avrohom Zoom Classes Continue

Bris Avrohom is continuing to offer different classes throughout the week on Zoom. In honor of the holiday of Shavuot, Bris Avrohom hosted a Shavuot Halacha Q&A shiur on Zoom with Rabbi Moshe Kesselman from Los Angeles. Close to 50 people participated. Please follow their class schedule; to join them on Zoom, contact Rabbi


Community Spirit In the Age of Corona

West Hills Project Jazz Band performed on Sunday, June 1, on Lakeview Drive in West Orange, New Jersey, to allow neighbors and friends to welcome home beloved resident Mickey Weiss from Florida. Weiss is a founding member of Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange.

Special guests were


Congregation Israel of Springfield Will Hold Virtual Gala Tribute

(Courtesy of Cong. Israel of Springfield) On Sunday, June 14, Congregation Israel of Springfield will host its first ever virtual gala tribute to honor seven distinguished community leaders.

This event will take the place of Congregation Israel’s annual dinner and raise funds to cover the yearly


Beth Aaron Donates Meals To CareOne at Teaneck

Teaneck's Cong. Beth Aaron donated 100 meals to healthcare heroes at CareOne at Teaneck. Shul leaders Shuie Klavan and Ari Gononsky are pictured from Beth Aaron. Jean Monnecka, administrator; Simeon Ratner, director of community relations; and several CareOne healthcare heroes are pictured. Meals were provided by Ma’adan.


OHEL Delivers Crisis Response With Compassion

 (Courtesy of OHEL) As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, individuals of all ages are left feeling isolated, helpless and looking for support like never before. Despite the resiliency of the human spirit, this “new normal” is taking its toll on countless members of our community—family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues. Thousands of


Teach NJ’s ‘Get Out The Vote’ Campaign Connects the Dots

(Courtesy of Teach NJ) As a result of Teach NJ’s targeted “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) campaign for last week’s municipal election in Teaneck, voter turnout in the four precincts targeted by the advocacy organization topped 50% compared to 33% in other parts of the state.

Outreach efforts by Teach