Monday, June 14, 2021

New Jersey

Ben Porat Yosef Celebrates Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Paramus—Ben Porat Yosef (BPY), a yeshiva day school in Paramus, builds its curriculum around the philosophy that “ Being a Jew is not only something that is studied; it is something that is lived.” Chol HamoedSukkot brought faculty and students together to experience this concept to the fullest.

“What better way to celebrate


Israeli Entrepreneurial Success Seminar at YU

New York–Yeshiva University’s (www.yu.edu) Sy Syms School of Business announced that it will kick-off  its annual “Leading with Meaning” business ethics and entrepreneurial education programming with an event entitled The Silicon Valley of the Middle East: Understanding Israeli Entrepreneurial Success on Wednesday, October 9 beginning at 7:30 p.m.


Boy Scout Troop 226 in the Land of Skannatati

On Chol ha-Mo’ed Sukkot, Boy Scout Troop 226, chartered to the Jewish Center of Teaneck, went to Harriman State Park for a three-mile hike. They were accompanied by several parents and younger siblings, including members of Pack 613 and a Girl Scout Brownie troop in Fair Lawn.

The hike began at the Lake Skannatati parking area on Seven


Snowflakes in The Sukkah and Who Are Our Children With?

As Sukkot approaches, we cannot help but remember the times (not often) when we experienced snowflakes dropping into our soup while eating in the Sukkah. They don’t call it the North Country for nothing! Considering that this year the chagis so early we cannot imagine that the problem will exist. Instead the other recurring dilemma on a warm beautiful day


Jewish Magic in the Morning

Excuse me while I unabashedly pay tribute to one of my best friends in the world and at the same time and without excuses shill for something that I volunteer for and which plays a totally meaningful role in my life.

“JM in the AM,” hosted by the indefatigable Nachum Segal, has to be one of the most precious assets belonging to this community.


The Blurry Red Line

The world is watching the fluid situation concerning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s usage of chemical weapons that caused the mass murder of Syrian civilians with much suspense.

President Obama’s announcement to the world that he would seek Congressional approval for a military strike against Syria was met with a very tepid response. The President was


Yom Kippur Eve March of the Rabbis Gaining Recognition On 70th Anniversary

During the Holocaust years, there was only one march in Washington, D. C. , to plead with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to rescue Europe’s Jews. As the 70th anniversary of that remarkable demonstration approaches, the protest is finally gaining mainstream recognition in the Jewish community.

In the autumn of 1943, the Jewish activists known as


Good Bye My Fly

With Sukkot around the corner, we tend to forget (or not) about the pesky little bugs that sometimes like to visit our succah: mainly bees and flies. I have a few tips to get rid of that problem.

First of all if you have a problem with fruit flies (whether in the sukkah or not) here is a solution: Take a small glass and fill it ½ inch with apple cider vinegar


Beit Din Decisions in English – A Major Breakthrough!

The publication of Teaneck resident Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Yehuda (Ronnie) Warburg’s work Rabbinic Authority: The Vision and the Reality” is a major event.  The Halachic world has seen major advances in many areas such as medical Halacha where Halacha has very capably addressed virtually almost all challenging circumstances and situations.  In the area of


A Work Unworthy of Its Author

Alice Walker, The Cushion in the Road: Mediation and Wanderings as the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way(New York: The New Press, 2013) pp. 365.

What is a reviewer to do when a truly gifted writer writes a genuinely awful book?I suspect that I was invited to write this review because the editor suspected that I might be


Friendship Walk Draws 1,000 and Raises Over $60K

Paramus—Over 1000 people came out last Sunday to Yeshivat Noam’s Paramus campus to show support for the Friendship Circle (FC).  FC provides social programming for local kids, teens, and adults with special needs, as well as providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for community teens.

The 7 thannual FC Walk, dubbed the NJ


Chizuk l’Lomdei Torah Shabbos Scheduled in Somerset

Dirshu will hold its Second Annual Shabbos Chizuk l’Lomdei Torah, Shabbos Vayeitzei. On November 8-10. Dirshu participants will be coming from across the United States and Canada to the DoubleTree Hotel and Convention Center in Somerset  to be mechazekone another and celebrate the accomplishments of the thousands of participants

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