Friday, May 29, 2020

New Jersey

Four Teaneck Siblings Launch the World’s First-Ever Virtual Pesach Program

The coronavirus has thrown us all for a loop as almost all regular Pesach programming has been cancelled. At this point, most kids—not to mention their parents—are going stir crazy having spent three weeks in quarantine!

Don’t worry! While their father Dr. Doron Katz has been caring for


Yaakov Shwekey Streams Live Concert

Tens of thousands of people joined a virtual concert streamed by Yaakov Shwekey on YouTube. People tuned in from all around the world—Argentina, Israel, the U.S., South Africa, England and more. It was amazing and brought chizuk and joy to so many people.


Ashley Blaker Performs For Remote Audience

In the midst of an international lockdown, there’s never been a greater need for an event to lift the community’s spirits.

That’s why at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 5, JW3, the Jewish Community Centre for London, is hosting internationally acclaimed comedian Ashley Blaker in a comedy


Camp Acheinu Hosts Zoom Bonding Session

Although summer and camp still seem far away, Camp Acheinu decided to host a Zoom session to join our campers together while we are all at home. Rabbi Elie Rothberger, our head counselor, told a fascinating story to the campers (and their siblings) which was enjoyed by all. Rabbi Rothberger ended with Pesach


Middlesex County Jewish Businesses Pivot to the Web

Anecdotal reports and local news coverage indicate that the COVID-19 precautions instituted in the state of New Jersey have had a devastating impact on small businesses. We can presume that this impact would be magnified on businesses that serve observant Jewish customers and/or are owned by observant Jews, as


AABJ&D Families Enjoy At-Home Family Scavenger Hunt

On Sunday, March 22, families at Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange held an at-home “scavenger hunt.” They were instructed to find their favorite toy and keep it with them for the duration of the hunt. The hunt included activities like “build a tower out of anything you have,” “make a bracha on a


Bris Avrohom Ships out Matzah for Pesach

Despite the global pandemic raging around the world, Bris Avrohom is continuing to help families with obtaining shmurah matzah for the holiday of Pesach. Hundreds of pounds of shmurah matzah as well as holiday guides were safely prepared to ship out to hundreds of families all over. Bris Avrohom printed a step-by-step Pesach/Seder


Michael Pagan Runs For Teaneck Council

Teaneck resident and Bergen County public information officer Michael Pagan hopes to make history in the upcoming May election as the first Latino to be elected to a council seat. Practically a native, Pagan has been living in Teaneck since he was 10 years old and is a product of the local school system. He believes Teaneck offers


Pesach Shopping Like No Other Year

Pesach shopping in the best of times is labor intensive. Now it’s complicated as well. Go to the store and face restrictions on entering? Get a delivery and hope you get your complete order? We are fortunate to have several general and kosher supermarkets in our area and they’re trying the best they can to


Rabbi Sam Frankel to Present On Tefillah This Tuesday

Teaneck’s Rabbi Sam Frankel will be presenting with Congregation Beth Aaron on Zoom a presentation entitled ‘Why Do We Repeat the Shemonah Esrei? Didn’t Hashem Hear us the First Time? How Mindfulness Impacts Prayer and How Praying Impacts Our Minds’. The presentation is scheduled for Tuesday evening, March 31st at 8:00 pm.


Ashley Blaker’s ‘Strictly Unorthodox’ Available Free on YouTube

British funny man Ashley Blaker is offering a little entertainment for people who are stuck at home due to social distancing and quarantine by uploading “Strictly Unorthodox,” his first Off-Broadway show, for people to watch for free on YouTube.

“I am sure many are in self-isolation and would fancy


Gerald ‘Pateesh’ Freedman Propels Progress in Hillside

Gerald “Pateesh” Freedman is currently in his sixth term on the Hillside Township Council. His 21 years on the council span several mayors, an uprising in government from the commission format to the Faulkner format and includes a two-year run as council president.