Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Super Bowl Business: It’s the Economy…

Bergen County—This year’s Super Bowl is a confusing beast because it has two “owners”: New York and New Jersey. The game’s host state usually stands to bring in several hundred million in revenue, but with New Jersey acting as the physical host and New York, in large part, as the cultural host, things are a bit muddled.

MetLife Stadium is in East


Celebrate! The Carnival is Coming!

A New Year’s Day Extravaganza is coming to town courtesy of Areyvut, a Bergenfield based non-profit. The event, from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. at the Garden State Exhibition Center in Somerset, N.J., will feature rides, games and a variety of shows.

This will be Areyvut’s eighth year hosting an event on January first, but this is their first time doing something on


National School Choice Week to Launch from Jersey

On Wednesday, January 22 nd, the 4 thAnnual National School Choice Weekwill launch its cross-country Whistle-Stop Tour from Newark, New Jersey, bringing the message of liberty all across the country. In conjunction with this historic event, Choice Media is organizing the


GOP Rivals Declare Peace

Bergen County GOP Chairman Bob Yudin and County Executive Kathleen Donovan put their differences aside and held a unity rally on December 17. Despite their past sniping at one another, they each endorsed the other for new terms at their respective jobs.

The two assured attendees that this was not just a temporary détente, but a permanent arrangement.


Va’eyra: The Plagues: A Modern Version

As I was eating breakfast in front of the television—a nice piece of Lebanese baklava with a cup of Earl Grey tea—the weatherman for Good Morning Egyptwas standing in front of his map of the country, pointing toward the Nile Delta.

“Today will be partly cloudy, with a 20% chance of frogs.”

Suddenly, from the window to his side—you


ToHeckWith U.

Ronald Goldstock, former Director of the New York State Organized Crimes Task Force and famed author and expert on organized crime, had this to say a few years ago about the Mafia: “The people who join the mob these days…don’t have the values their predecessors had.”

With all due respect to the Gotti and Gambino families, I present to you the latest


Reading Connections

Growing up, I read the book, A ll of a Kind Family, and the following sequels by Sydney Taylor countless times. Without a doubt it was my favorite series, and I connected in a profound way to the story of a Jewish family with five daughters at the turn of the century on the Lower East Side of New York. Even though the setting was different, I was the


Understanding School Hiring Season

It may seem obvious, but it bears stating that the most important factor in a school’s quality is its staff, especially its faculty and leaders. It also bears mentioning that of the approximately 900 Jewish Day Schools in the U.S., almost every single one hires someone new to its staff each year, ranging from support personnel to school leaders. Schools hire


Jazz Up the Morning Joe

I am a lover of coffee. But it’s not just the coffee that I drink every morning—it’s what I put in it. I am also a lover of flavored creamers. But they can get costly, so I started to make my own. Here are some tips on how you too, can make your own. Make sure you store them in glass containers to ensure freshness. They make great gifts as well. If you


Progressive Development: The Key to Realizing Your Potential

In the last issue of the Jewish LinkI presented eight ideas to enhance your exercise experience, adding fun and inspiration to what, for many people, can feel like a chore at best, to something that should be avoided at all costs, at worst. In fact, viewing exercise negatively at all is, I would argue, tantamount to disdaining one of Hashem’s


The Gomez Mill House: An American Jewish Treasure

Marlboro, NY—Come this spring, there’s a place to visit just a ways up Rte. 9 W, a straight drive up the Palisades Parkway and beyond. There is a brick and stone blockhouse at the side of an old Indian footpath along Jew’s Creek—a shimmering, skittering stream that powers the hand-made paper mill that sits over it. The path leads to the Devil’s


Eishet Chayil

Listening to Lihi Lapin discuss her book in a room filled with established women who devote their lives to the betterment of Jewish establishments in both the U.S. and Israel was inspiring. But watching the wife of Finance Minister Yair Lapid, successful in her own right, candidly depicting her struggles and the plight of the modern woman, moved me beyond

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