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Temimah Guzman: A Gifted and Giving Fashionista

Paramus—Bat mitzvah projects are all the buzz these days. With our schools’ collective emphasis on mitzvahprojects, chesedhours, giving to the less fortunate and needy, it seems like everyone wants to join the growing trend of chesed. The Guzman family of Teaneck—with their 11-year-old daughter Temima at the helm—saw a


Areyvut New Year’s Day Carnival Extravaganza

Bergenfield, NJ—Areyvut, a non-profit based in Bergenfield, New Jersey, will be hosting its New Year’s Day Carnival fundraiser this January 1 stfrom 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, New Jersey. The event will feature more than 15 mechanical and inflatable rides, carnival booths and games, kosher food and entertainment for


Palisades Park and its Secular Santa

Palisades Park can be considered one of those abandoned Jewish communities in Bergen County. The post-WWII residents outgrew their synagogue building and built a larger synagogue in Leonia. Today, that building is a Korean church and only a handful of Jews are left in the area, yet they still care passionately about their community. Robin Katz is one such


Teaneck Jewish Center Reclaims Its Roots as a Full-Service Community Hub

Teaneck—In the 1930s, the phrase “Jewish Center” meant something other than just a part of a shul’s name. It called to mind a recreational, social, spiritual and educational space for Jews of all ages to get together, not just to davenand learn, but also to socialize and exercise. Jewish Centers developed all around the country at


Moriah Students Raise Funds For Three WunderWagons

The Moriah School in Englewood will be donating three WunderWagons to the pediatric oncology floor in Hackensack Hospital after a successful goods and services fundraiser run by the student council.

Teachers throughout the school offered up gifts or treats for auctions and, through students bids, $2,400 was raised. The auction raised three times the


Wildes Sponsors JE Lecture by Dershowitz

Englewood—To honor the 18 thyahrzeit of his mother, Ruth, former Englewood mayor Michael Wildes sponsored a lecture by Harvard Professor, Israel advocate, author and attorney Alan Dershowitz  for the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE). MJE is a non-profit organization founded by Rabbi Mark N. Wildes, Michael’s brother, in 1998.

More than


Herring, Schnapps & Tzedekah: A Mechaye of a Melave Malke!

Teaneck—Herring, the classic Kiddushdish, is being celebrated on motzei Shabbatof December 14 that the Bergen County Herring Festival. The festival, hosted by Netivot Shalom at 811 Palisade Ave. from 8:30-11:00 p.m., will showcase a wide variety of herring, vodka and single malt scotch.

To go with the wide variety of


Tweets Allow For Police Patrol Virtual Ride-Along

Ever wonder what the average night is like for local police officers? The Bergenfield PD aimed to answer that question for locals on December 6 by tweeting throughout an officer’s patrol. Police Chief Michael T. Carr and Captain Cathy Madalone joined Officer Kyle Witty as his official tweeters.

The day after, the department posted a blog about the


Supporting Our Neighbors. And Ourselves.

The annual Project Ezrah dinner is taking place this Motzei Shabbos at Keter Torah in Teaneck. If you live in Bergen County and are a member of a shul, you received your invitations, viewed emails about the dinner, heard from your local rabbi about it, and perhaps received calls and emails from friends and neighbors exhorting you to attend or support this unique


The Rabbi’s Musings (And Amusings)

Not far from our home is a lush and beautiful golf course. Every Shabbosmorning as I make my way to shulit is still relatively early for most of the world on a weekend morning. Aside for an occasional early jogger, the roads are virtually empty. That is until I arrive at the golf course. Even now, as the weather is rapidly getting colder, as long as


This the Season!

While it’s “The Season” for most of the world to eat turkey dinners, to watch football games ad nauseam, to shop ‘til you drop, to decorate the house, to spread holiday cheer—all nice, warm and sentimental traditions—for those of us in the traditional Jewish world, we have another kind of season. And it’s upon us in a big way.

Welcome to Jewish


Modest Proposals

Paramus—I have lived in Bergen County for 42 years and I have been active in my synagogue, community affairs, UJA and several day schools. One of my earliest jobs was in 1961 as the first youth director of the nascent B’nai Yeshurun in a small house on West Englewood Avenue.

I have observed this community for a long time. I have been a day school principal,

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