Sending your child off for a year in Israel has become a rite of passage. This time of year, parents and kids begin to worry about how to get everything they need into one suitcase or duffle bag. An increasing number of parents have been turning to Israel-based companies to literally help lighten the load.

For the past three years, Tamarim Concierge, based in Modiin, Israel, has been delivering just what students need, right to their dorm rooms, before the school year begins. Far more than just blankets, pillows and linens, the company delivers shelving units, small appliances, ironing boards, fans, Shabbat lamps, storage units, power cords, adapters—even small refrigerators! In other words, just about anything a first-time- away-from-home student might need.

What’s more, once the school year is under way, Tamarim also helps bridge the 6,000 miles between parents and students. This first-time, long-term separation can be difficult on both ends, and Tamarim offers a wide range of options to make things just a bit easier.

“We’ve found that our clients want unique and thoughtful ways to stay in touch with their children studying abroad,” explained Tamarim co-founder Tammy Braverman. “So, we’ve developed a wide range of personalized options to make it easy to send smiles and hugs from home.”

Setting Tamarim apart is that every gift is unique and tailor-made to fi t the sender’s budgetary needs and, often, the recipient’s special dietary needs, relating to allergies or other preferences. “Our gifts aren’t pre-packaged and don’t typically reflect what your child will buy at the local makolet,” Braverman continued. “In other words, it’s not Bamba, chips and pretzels.”

One favorite is a birthday balloon bouquet combined with an ice cream party to share with friends, along with a handwritten note featuring a message from home. Some parents prefer to send personalized  cakes, fit for a crowd. Many opt for freshcut fruit and vegetable platters, in an effort to make sure their children are eating more than just schnitzel, falafel and pizza.

Teaneck-area resident Batya Paul relied on Tamarim several times throughout her daughter’s stay in Israel. “In a nutshell, they are professional, kind, helpful, creative and efficient,” she explained. “You can’t go wrong using Tamarim Concierge.”

Roni Beer, who lives in the Five Towns and whose son is returning to Israel for a second year of study, is looking forward to relying on Tamarim, once again. “Your service and attention to details in the delivery of holiday gifts and necessities to our son while he was studying in yeshiva was amazing,” she shared. “He is returning for Shanah Bet and we look forward to another amazing year for him…with your assistance. We could not have done it without you.”

Tamarim is able to hand deliver to the vast majority of seminaries and yeshivas in the country. The company will be in direct contact with students ahead of time to coordinate delivery, without having to rely on the Israeli postal system. For more information, please see