Sunday, January 24, 2021

Over the course of a pregnancy women gain approximately 25-35 pounds, only 10-12 pounds of which are lost during labor. Over the next few days post-partum, most women lose an additional five pounds from water weight. Overall, it takes six months or longer to return to a pre-pregnancy weight and this can make many women feel self-conscious.

Drs. Ronny Meier and Efrat Ginsberg, a fa­ther-daughter duo who have been practic­ing obstetrics and gynecology together since 2003, identified the need for something to as­sist with weight loss in many of the women who came in and said they did not feel good about themselves. After a visit from a repre­sentative of Lila Strawberry, Bergenfield Wom­en’s Health had its solution. The Strawberry technology, which has been used in Europe for eight years, uses lasers to assist in weight loss.

“A couple of us tried the treatment and we actually all saw results; I thought, this is a nice thing to be able to do for the patients,” Dr. Gins­berg said.


The lasers in the technology target and penetrate fat cells causing the lining to be­come porous. Water, glycerol, and fatty ac­ids spill out of the cells into interstitial spac­es leaving the adipocyte cells shrunken. The lymphatic system then works to remove the fat through the venous system.

A visit to use the system is painless and not time consuming. First, measurements are tak­en in four locations down the torso and a “be­fore” photo is taken. After that, a band with electronic paddles is strapped around the upper portion of your stomach. The machine runs for 10 minutes before a specialist moves the band down to the lower stomach for another 10 minutes. This procedure can also be done on the arms, thighs, and back.

Following the laser treatment, each patient spends 10 minutes on a whole body vibration unit that flush­es the released fats from the body. The unit acts as an intense cardio workout, though no actual work is required by the patient.

Each patient has an average of eight treatments and loses a cumu­lative one to four inches each time. There are some exceptions; a 49-year old wom­an who is overall very fit, but was having trou­ble losing weight around her middle, lost five inches total during her second treatment.

“I think it’s going to be for everyone from all walks of life from women in their 20s to women in their 70s,” Dr. Ginsberg said.

The treatment, according to office man­ager Jennie Mazzilli, is one piece of a puzzle. Maintaining the weight loss requires healthy eating and exercise; use of the “Strawberry ma­chine is a jumpstart,” as Dr. Ginsberg puts it.

People using the machine are directed to the 80/20 diet: “The premise of it is that 80% of the time you diet and the other 20% of the time you take a vacation from it,” Mazzilli said.

“I want to incorporate healthy living with this as much as possible,” Ginsberg said, explaining that the use of the ma­chine is more of a bonus whereas the prac­tice focuses primarily on taking care of its patients.

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By Aliza Chasan