Friday, May 27, 2022

Jerusalem—In the wake of Operation Pro­tective Edge, Israel’s fastest emergency rapid-response organization has expanded its out­reach to elderly Holocaust survivors, many of whom are shut-ins, living under rocket fire in Southern Israel. As part of United Hatzal­ah’s Ten Kavod program, trained EMT volun­teers give close medical attention and provide weekly monitoring visits to this population.

“For many of these survivors, the recent sirens and explosions brought back old fears and flashbacks to their experiences 70 years prior, reigniting their trauma,” said United Hat­zalah Founder and President Eli Beer. “Our vis­its are designed to identify and monitor de­teriorating medical conditions to ensure that prompt and effective treatment can be im­plemented before irreversible or fatal dam­age occurs.”

The expansion of the lifesaving program was aided by a recent grant from the Con­ference on Material Claims Against Germany. The Claims Conference grant enabled Unit­ed Hatzalah to buy additional monitoring and treatment equipment.

“We are talking about people who aren’t only fragile because of their age, but those who cannot forget what happened to them in the war. For them, every siren brings back dreadful memories of fear, pain and grief. “Ul­timately through our Ten Kavod program, we want to reach out to all elderly people who are suffering from the current situation, to en­sure that the added stresses don’t cause pre­ventable tragedies,” he added.

For more information visit www.IsraelRes­cue.org.

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